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Use the Force, Luke

My last experience with mushrooms involved about 5 grams of mushrooms.

My last experience with mushrooms involved about 5 grams of mushrooms. It was quite a heavy dose, but I had been an experienced tripper and wanted to push the limits of existance and consciousness even further. After me and Ann (My girlfriend) ate them, we sat down to watch Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. The movie became incredibly intense after about 20 mintues, we felt as if our humanly dimension of time and space was broken down, and we could travel to the set of the movie and witness the making of the film. We kept saying "I feel like I'm really there!" And it sure as hell felt that way! The movie became quit hilarious.. because of its relation to us. It seemed like a story that had been told for millions of years.. that Yoda and Obe-Won Kenobi were the phophets/sages of the divine mushroom. "Use the Force" now had a beautiful, hilarious meaning. Yoda knew the laws of the universe.. he was the most experienced tripper of the universe. However, Darth Vader knew the Force as well. But he was on the Dark Side of the Force. At this point, the movie seemed to be the wisest movie ever made. My girlfriend decided to shut the movie off, which was a BAD idea. Why? Because once the movie was off, we were no longer on the set of the movie witnessing it. Our soul needed somewhere else to go. Now that time and space were almost completely disolved. We looked at the living room of the house we were in, it now felt, smelled like somewhere else.. like a different Planet. I turned around to talk to my girlfriend about this weird new dimension. As I was about to say "where are we???" she said "How did we get here?" at the moment she said this, I noticed some flowers in back of her. These flowers were LIVING. I had never seen flowers under the influence of The Force, but wow.. these flowers were LIVING. I mean, you could see Photosynthesis.. the reliance of its need for water, care, love from the sun.. its relation to the Earth., its symbolic relation to human existance, its need for compassion, protection...its emotions, its fears, desires, its sensory perception of its environment.. things we take for granted in our perception of humans.. The flowers were BLOSSOMING continuously. It was no longer Me and Ann in this living room. It was Me, Ann, and the Flowers. The Flowers were as alive as my girlfriend... I could even talk to them. At this point, I realized I was just tripping.. that flowers are just decorations, not beings. Still, I said to Ann "those flowers are living" ..and she, who wasn't witnessing the eternity of them like I was, replied "of course those are living, my mom bought those the other day" Now I thought, under normal consciousness I would never notice the flowers, much less that they are real. The relation of the flowers to the rest of the room was incredible. There was an obvious and strong distinction between what contained Life and what did not. Logically, if the flowers were morphing so incredibly then other things I look at should be changing as well. No. The flowers were very distinct from the non-living things in the room.
At this point I was completely freaking out, thinking this was it, that I was tripping so hard that I was breaking the barriers/dimensions of existance. It was now Pure Time. Pure Space. Matter and Energy were obviously the same thing-- and Einstein must have been tripping to realize this universal and simple concept. The Force now binded us, it penetrated us just like Obi-Wan Kenobi had told Luke Skywalker in the first Star Wars. I was now convinced I had taken WAY too much this time... I had gone too far.. that I had completely smashed all notions of time and space and the next 6 hours of tripping would feel like 6 billion years. I yelled to Ann "I want to return to my body..I'm not ready to die! I haven't fulfilled my life's purpose on Earth yet.. I want to go back home!!!" I ran over to the stereo and managed to get the Beatles on the stereo.. I don't even know how I managed this. I prayed to God to save me from being locked in a infinite time/space warp and to let me return to my body. After listening to the first song that came on "yellow submarine" I felt this wonderful, absolutely wonderful, all-loving, protecting, harmonizing, unifying, humorous, yet overtly FEMININE FORCE which encompassed my soul. It spoke to me. "Hi... I come in peace." This was not English, for me and Ann agreed language was useless in this other dimension. Ann at this time was in the bathroom yelling "O my GOD!!" so I was guessing she had enountered the Being of Light as well. At this moment, I realized that there was not only a God, but a Goddess. That it took the power of a male and female spirit to bring love and life to the universe. This Goddess of Light was the sexiest "woman" I have ever encountered. She was all-love, very motherly, very wise, and very very very feminine and flawless in her beauty. It made sense.. because history has been written by men, not women.. Men would never acknologe the existance of the Goddess. However, the God and the Goddess were one...united by love. So when one says God they could imply the Father, the Mother, and the Son. The Goddess told me to go outside and talk to the trees. I said this was silly and insane. She told me to go, for love was silly. I went outside and the trees greeted me. They were the most peaceful, silliest things on earth.. so were all the birds and squirrels. God/Goddess has/had/will have a tremendous sense of art as well as humor. I had realized the many Christians are disillusioned about "God".. God shouldn't even have a name, for it is a being.. a Force. I talked with the tress about unity and love, then I danced and sang with the mother goddess to the sounds of the Beatles.. whom she revealed to me "knew.. they just knew of me" ..songs like "Here, There, and Everywhere" as well as "Strawberry Fields Forever" and lyrics like "She said 'I know what its like to be dead" and "The deeper you go, the higher you fly, the higher you fly, the deeper you go" now was UNDERSTOOD. And this last lyric had supernaturally repeated itself beyond the normal time frames of the song. That night I learned the ways of the Force. Now, I must remember to believe in the Force and to stay away from the Dark Side--which is power, riches, land, fame, etc..all temptations of the Evil One. Use the Force. Let Go. Trust Your Feelings.

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