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us vs. bush people

Me, my cousin and two other friends were at a bonfire party on a sandy river bar in Humboldt county, California.

Me, my cousin and two other friends were at a bonfire party on a sandy river bar in Humboldt county, California. We had drank enough beers to get us drunk and smoked a good bit of humboldt green (which is REALY good stuff) and me being new to this place, I started walking around (stumbling around) meeting new people. After a few minutes my cousin, Keith pulled me aside and pulled out his baggy of dried mushrooms.

This was my first time on shrooms and I ate a lot. We split the ration 50/50 and he told me to lick the spores & crumbs off the sides and crease in the bag and I did.

We joined our other two friends & smoked another bowl wuith them. About 45 minutes after I ate the shrooms, my face muscles tightened into a wide smile and started laughing uncontrolably. My friends and I were standing in a circle away from the bulk of the party. My cousin Keith joined in my laughter as well and the other two, Chad and Derrick, were just looking at us as if we were crazy.

They continued talking and me & Keith just looked at eachother and smiled because we knew that we were different than Chad & Derrick.

The first thing I remember tripping out on was the fact that I could hear other conversations taking place in other spots at the party and could barely hear what Chad & Derrick were talking about. I was hearing these peoples conversations like I was listening to the radio and turning the tuning knob at the same time making one conversation come in then it fades in to another group's conversation.

I looked over at Keith and he was just staring at the ground blankly. I thought this was the craziest shit that's ever happened to me, but it was just the tip of the iceburg.

I too started looking at the ground, and noticed my shadow changing colors. Fist black, then purple, then blue, and finally red, then they all mixed together into a rainbow of colors fading in and out and dancing with the flickering of the bonfire.

I walked away from my group towards a washout in the sand where I could just sit & think, but about halfway two girls stopped me and asked if I wanted to drink the rest of their vodka. I hardly ever pass up free alcohol, so I grabbed it up from them brought it to my lips but hesitated and said "Wait a minute, you guys peed in this. I know you did!". My words came out all weird; fluctating in tone and speed and rolled out half concious like ( which was probably as much the alcohol's fault as it was the shroom's. They assured me it was fine and I started drinking it like it was water, I couldn't even tell it was alcohol; it had no taste or burn or anything.

So anyways, I finally reached my destination and sat down in dip/hill/bump thingy followed by Keith who sat down next to me. I was deep in thought about a lot of things all at once. The only way I can describe my thoughts is by saying they were like a root. I would start out by thinking about one broad thing like nature, then I would start jumping off to tangents that didn't really have anything to do with nature and jump to something else off of that and then to something else until I just totally forgot everything I was thinking about. Then I would go into this agressive phase and would start getting mad and my trips would revolve around my anger.

That's when I saw them, out of the corner of my eye; the bush people. They were a mob of people that transformed from bushes into angree villiagers, mad because I was defying them by eating the magical mushrooms. I got Keith's attention and told him about the bush people and he subsequently saw them too. Him and I seemed to be bonded by the shrooms and knew just what the other was thinking seeing, we were "magical" as we still reffer to it. But right then we had more problems, the tree people were surroundin us. The women had brightly flaming torches and the men men with pitchforks, the children were just yelling and screeming at us. It was all kinda comical at the time, I was tearing them up out like a mad man. Keith ran in and jumped right ontop of about 4 or 5 of them crushing them instantly. The bush people had seen we were superior and our magic far surpassed theirs so they retreated back to being bushes.

We had sat back down and started talking to eachother about what was happening for hours. I felt I was now a better person and felt very peaceful after my anger/laughter cycle had gone away. The bond you obtain by "shrooming" with another being is unrivaled by any kind of love, friendship or any life threatening experience. Especially because I developed an "us" and "them" veiwpoint. We were experiencing a new reality that doesn't exist in their world and right then, they were just a part of our world. We were living in natures' world, not in their world with people. For once nature was living, breathing, laughing, crying and those other people were just, there. I felt I didn't realy care a single bit what they thought of me because they weren't in my reality. It was like inanimate nature and human beings switched spots but Keith and I stayed and ended up seeing what mother nature does when we're not looking.

By that time, most of the people at the party had left but a handful of us and the fire that was starting to die. All of the sudden "Whereever I may roam", by Metallica came on from inside someones really loud car, and it sounds really "Egyptian like" in the beginning. The way the shadows flickered over the footprints, they turned to snakes. I thought I was in Egypt and I looked down at the sand and saw hundreds of slithering snakes at my feet.

I fell to the ground and let them slither over me for a minute or two and then they stopped. So I turned my head and saw a mini Sphinx about a foot tall in the sand turned toward to me and said "hello" and he just smiled at me and I smiled back. He said "Feed the fire or it will die", I panicked and got Keith and told him we had to feed the fire or it would die and he also started to panick. So we grabbed an old abandoned sofa that was there at the party on the bar to sit on and we threw it in the fire.

At that point Chad and Derrick thought we had gone off the deep end and started freaking out and tried talking to us but we were just agrivated by them because they weren't at our level of thought and understanding. We tried to tell them what we were doing and why, but they didn't understand; they weren't on mushrooms.

Not too long after that the 4 of us were the only ones at the party, 5 if you count the fire who I was fassinated with and stared at it for what seemed like forever. I watched a pair of small people in the fire who were dancing together until they melted together into a single face, a flaming face. He nodded at me and thanked me for feeding him the couch and I told him it was the least I could do.

At about that time Chad and Derrick decided it was time to go and we begged them to stay because they were our ride home in the morning. They were hungry and wanted to leave for Chad's camper half an hour away.

I still tripping pretty hard when I climed into his truck to leave, but the magic was fading. Still, I had one last encounter while I was in that world with a dinosaur who had lost the bottom half of his body. I was trying to help him find it when Derrick hit this jump with his truck and I lost interest in the dino and started to think about stuff again instead of see & hear stuff.

We eventually got to the camper and I fell sound asleep for the rest of the night.

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