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Up to the cottage 2

My friend Kevin and I had planned on going up to his cottage on Thanksgiving weekend (Oct 7-10).

My friend Kevin and I had planned on going up to his cottage on Thanksgiving weekend (Oct 7-10). We had bought 7 grams of shrooms dried. We decided to take them on Sunday (oct.9). His brother and girlfriend had come up same time as us in a different car, but were leaving Sunday morning. So we were going to take them on Sunday.
When Sunday finally rolled around I woke up with a bit of a hangover (I only drank about 7 beers) and just shook it off. We drive up to this store in town and got some chilly for dinner that night, and went back the cottage. We came back there and decided to just eat them now, I wasn't feeling to good about them because of that damn hangover, but whatever we ate our 3.5 grams each and also ate a peanut butter sandwich just before them...probably should have put them on the sandwich... oh well. We went for a walk to go smoke a nicely rolled joint. We went on a bit of a trail and lit it, I looked at the rock my friend was sitting on and it suddenly shifted! It had only been like 10 minutes since ingesting it! We got 2 rounds with the joint when I decided I didn’t want it anymore. He also didn’t want anymore of the joint, the shrooms were coming in hard... we could both tell. We decided to put it out and go back to the cottage.

We walked back there and I started talking non stop! I often do that when I first feel the effects of them. I could not believe how fast they were coming on. When we got there we decided to go for a walk down to the pond, we took with us a lawn chair each and Kevin's camera. I put the camera in my big pouch in the front of my sweater and started walking. I started laughing hysterically just because I thought we looked absolutely crazy carrying lawn chairs, Kevin said that I don’t have to worry cause there's no one here and no one will see us. This made me feel assured but I could not shake the feeling like I was being watched or someone was there with us. We finally made it to the pond.

We put our lawn chairs down and stared out we kept saying how beautiful it was and how the changing colours on the trees were so vibrant, and looked so amazing. We sat there for what I’m guessing half hour, I just kept on talking on and on and on. I asked him if I was talking to much and he said yeah I was. I apologized and then started talking non stop again. After taking some nice pictures, we walked down to the river, about a 10 minute walk from the pond.

We got there and once again unfolded our chairs. The visuals were now becoming very noticeable. Kevin decided to lay across a picnic table that was placed there, I started laughing at him. I started laughing so hard, my eyes were closed and my mouth open. I saw the most craziest visuals when I closed my eyes, I saw like black peoples heads and there curly hair was all like growing and stuff. I laughed at that and enjoyed it. But that’s when I noticed the most craziest visual I have ever seen in my life... I suddenly looked up at a pine tree and all its branches look like little tentacles. It looked so real, I couldn't believe it. All the other pine trees were perfectly normal except that one and it wouldn't go away! After sitting there and talking for about 45 minutes we decided to go back to the cottage and get fire wood.

On our way back I was totally confused of time, day everything. I was just so confused. We kept banging our lawn chairs against rocks that were in the ground. When we got there Kevin immediately went on the bottom bunk in cabin and just sat there and looked up and I started talking to him, he said something like can I be alone? So I nodded and walked down towards the fire, I played around with the rocks and didn’t feel to good, almost depressed. Kevin emerged from the cottage and started shooting his pellet gun that he bought prior to the trip. I felt very uneasy being around someone who was on shrooms and shooting a gun so I went into the cabin and laid on the bottom bunk. I took off my boots and laid on top of my sleeping bag with a very comfortable blanket wrapped around me. Kevin came in and tried to get me to go for a walk but I really didn't feel like it, I was way to confused and didn’t feel like walking. So he left to go for a walk and I sat there in silence laying on this bed just staring out this big screen door. I was just laying there almost in a catatonic state, everything seemed to melt and I didn’t know who I was, or why I was here. I felt like reality was nothing but ripples in a pond, but with all 5 senses thrown in there as well. It is so hard to explain what I saw but it was more of just a "feeling". I can not explain it... I sat there for a little while longer still trying to contemplate what I saw and wondering if I was going to be different after this. I started to wish the shrooms would just go away. Kevin came back and came inside the cabin, he grabbed his cell phone and checked to see if he had any messages. He looked at me, with a facial expression of concern and said "I’m not sure but I think Casey is coming up" I was so confused. I heard the message and all I heard was this static sound of "hey hey I'm coming up to the cottage" I was pretty scared I wasn’t sure who was coming up (for some reason I couldn’t recognize the voice even though Casey is a good friend of ours). I asked Kevin who was coming up and he said "I think Casey". But then he wasn’t to sure if it was Casey or not. He had already deleted the message. I was so confused if he was coming up today, and how long. We then finally established that it was Casey who was coming up, and I was hoping he wasn't going to bring his girlfriend, I didn't want to make a total ass of myself in front of her.

Kevin went back outside and said we should get firewood. I still sat there and he played with the pellet gun again. Suddenly I started feeling very confident and got up out of the bed put my boots on without tying my shoe laces. Opened the door and said to Kevin "I just realized I can do whatever I want, there is nothing that can stop me". Kevin agreed, I went into my cars passenger seat to tie my shoelaces for some reason(which took like 10 minutes) and put on pink Floyds Dark Side of the Moon. The music sounded so good, we started playing around with the heater in my car( cause its broken) and then decided to go pee. When I came back to my car the music was at song Time right at the beginning of it. It sounded so amazing! I felt so good with it on. It was amazing, but then I got worried about draining my battery so I turned everything off and we went to get fire wood.

We had started walking along a trail and Kevin started grabbing some wood for fire, but we both weren't sure if it was good wood to burn. I knew we needed help with wood. I raised my arms in the air and said " Casey where are you?!" At that moment I said that we heard music coming up to the cottage. We both knew it was Casey. We laughed about how much of a crazy coincidence that was and greeted Casey. Luckily it was just him.

It turns out Casey, had brought a bunch of fire wood in his truck! Good ol prepared Casey. We told what we had ingested and he kind of laughed at us. The night was good as I came down, but I felt very depressed that night. I swore I would never do shrooms again. I’m still not sure if I will ever do them again but I guess we'll see. Hope you enjoyed my long ass story.

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