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Magic Mushrooms Zamnesia
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I am only going to tell you the most interesting parts.

I am only going to tell you the most interesting parts. Other things happened too. I think this is what is important.

my kitchen)
Took some shrooms, blended up with water.

My Spare Room, Smoking Pot)
I was laughing.

Music became strange. Distorted and odd, I could not recognize anything. I could not operate my body. I felt the shrooms melting me, or anyway what I had always tricked myself into being me.

My Room)
I did not like being nothing.

I grabbed hold of the world with my mind, or maybe my sol.

Everything changed.

It was like I was being born into my mind for the first time. I saw my intellect, emotions, instincts, body, senses, everything all around me, and I also saw the world. I learned to walk again, first in gigantic forced steps, and then naturally.

I ate simply because my friend (who was shrooming with me) said no one could (I'm contrary).

The air is heavy inside, the vitality has been stolen from it.


The air is clean here, the sky is brilliant blue and the clouds are linen white. I am leaning back on my hammock comfortable and at ease. I am playing with my intellect and emotions, and listening to the tree song and breathing in the tree spirit. I had not had any visuals yet.

I look outside and I hear the world calling to me.

The World)

I feel myself falling apart. It was not that my previous experiences were false, it was just that I had been thinking 3 dimensionally and now I have been able to start looking at the 4th dimension (metaphorically speaking, sort of). I feel myself being torn apart. I am a point of light in the center of the maelstorm and I am holding on.

I keep holding on.
The shrooms spin behind my eyes like a fat red disk.

I am not my body.

My body is communicating to me. The shrooms are in it, not in me. I see my emotions and my intellect and my sex for the first time. Shrooms are a red knot in the body that twists the centers together.

I am the real me. I go along with false personalities, the imaginary Is within myself that are the mechanics in me that go to quench desire. I see all these things, these emotions and thoughts and desires are not me. I forget that for most of my life.

I am in my body for the first time, for real. I was diffused all throughout the world and now shrooms have pulled me back to myself. I coalesced, focused, formed from the spread out version that I used to be.

My power is with me now. It sits on my chest, a cloud of invisible fire. I pull it within myself and see what I really am. Pain.
I can't handle it yet, not so much so fast.
But the fire is in me and much has been burned away.
It still exists in time for resurrection, and this is good.
I pull my power out of me and use it as a lens to the world.
I see for the first time.

The World)

A lot of personal introspection and enjoying the one reality that is reality.

The Tree)

Nature is my welcoming home.
A tree across the way is singing too me.
It wants me to come.
As I walk together to it,
Trees and plants are the organs of the collective consciousness of the planet.
There is a land spirit living behind me, talking to me. It is my friend and will help me in life. I saw it manifest in a different tree oncce.
I sat with the tree.

Other stuff happened.

I'm 6'3, 205lbs, I took I think 1/4 total dried, Ate peanut butter filled pretzels. Felt GREAT coming down. Diet pepsi tasted foul high but water was FANTASTIC. Pot was smoked liberally throughout.

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