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i ate some shrooms without O.

i ate some shrooms without O.J. or anything. At first i felt good like i was in heaven, i even felt as if i was god and he was me and that i created the world, and i thought my friend was the devil but he was a close friend. Like he was part of me and he was my evil half. then i felt like i was everyone on earth and i could sense were active humans bodys where. then it felt like me and my friend could communicate though our minds, but after the trip he had no recallection. As the trip went on i felt as though i died from the shrooms i ate and i was stuck in my room as the place i will stay forever until god judges me. and pretty much all of the sudden i said to my friend"the devil at the time" is it over is it over and he said yes. Then i took some more like a week later with some more friends and the same friend, when i started to trip i felt like he was the devil again and that it wasnt over, it was just wool that he had put over my eyes until judgement

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