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Unexpectedly Intense

For the record, I don't know why I'm trying to explain a mushroom trip.

For the record, I don't know why I'm trying to explain a mushroom trip. I told myself not to even bother with it anymore. Words do not give justice to the supreme effects of these powerful hallucinagens.

Ok, a friend (Mr. D) and I have been cultivating p. cubensis for awhile. Back when we first began our operation, we had a big baggy full of old dried aborts. Assuming they would be less potent that matured mushrooms, we decided to take a bunch of them. After grinding down a handful of the little mushrooms in a coffee grinder, we happily stuffed them into empty pill capsules. They weighed out to .5 grams of mushroom material per capsule. We ended up with 16 pills.

We both had been waiting for an opportune time to ingest the drugs. A friend of mine had a 'social gathering' with about 20 good friends. *** A brief setting update: My friend lives on 16 acres of wine-country pastures It's primo for psychedelics. Half of the property is lush meadow while the other half is a beautiful forest with a river running through it. And about 300 feet from the house is an old cabin that they lived in while it was being built. *** Ok, so people are starting to get drunk and high, but we were the only people with mushrooms. Down in the cabin the band was busting out some good tunes. So we took our pills (8 each) around that time (11:30 pm). We watched the drunks fall over themselves while waiting in 'line for the ride'.

T+ :45 Getting a little anxious, Mr. D (on shrooms), my girlfriend, Mr. E and myself went up to the house. We sat down and talked a bit. I was beginning to notice a hightened sense of perception. Reflections, ripples in water, and fabric textures really started to stand out. It was coming. My body was losing its normality. I got the giggles, a terrible case of them, and while my head was flung back on the couch, a britich flag on the ceiling was doing the shifty thing, that most things do when you're coming up. (Damn my lack of vocabulary skills). So I went to the bathroom to check out my face in the mirror. My walking was severely affected, like drunken stumbling with a surprisingly tight mental grip, you know?

Anyway, in the mirror, my face made faces back at me. A slight grin here and there, a cheek would expand and deflate, my ears kind of jiggled, yet i wasn't moving at all. And in my peripheral vision, wacky stuff was going on.... Little visions of bugs crawling up the walls, bent windows, and slightly disproportioned objects. I got out of there, cause i knew I'd soon fall victim to the 'endless mirror void'. Back in the bedroom, i slumped onto the couch and stared meaninglessly for a bit. We were coming up fast. At a glance, my foot stuck out 300 feet infront of me, but my worldly senses kicked in and it reluctantly snapped back within milliseconds....

It was time for a walk outside. 'Mmmm, fresh air,' I thought, 'would do me good'. Just as luck would have it, the moon was nearing completion and light struck down from the heavens!!! 'How grand! But wait...I feel... Wo-----w!' The body was becoming intense. I recklessly stomped down to the cabin, making sure to step in every gopher hole and other random earthy depressions my feet could find. It was a tough journey and my bones felt like popcicles. It was 65 degrees outside. 'Perhaps its just the drugs, maybe i am freezing. That'd suck.' As soon as i entered the cabin, 'DAMN, it's warm and nice in here!!!' Why don't i sit down. I assumed most of the drunkards were too inebriated too notice me staring at the lavalamp tripping my nuts off. 'They'd probably be jealous, harumph.' I still had another 5 dry grams, but I guarded them like my own child. 'Grrrr'. I became really possesive, but only for a minute. Then the Hendrix blasted from the speakers and I my ears were blown off, completely!! But the music carressed another set straight out of my head and every thing was good.

'Too many drunks' I thought, 'Need to get out of here.' I leapt up and out of the cabin. 'Oh, Hey Mr. D! How're you?'
His head was doing funky stuff, just kinda bubbling, nonchalantly. We both admitted how impressed we were with the unexpected potency. Then we split up again, to do our own thing. I stumbled back to the house with Mr. Z and we had a friendly chat about the house. I said that the house needs roller coasters around the perimeter and he staunchly agreed. I came into the house, doors a bending, wide-eyed. 'I need to leave the house, bad aura! Need trees and sky' So i took off again. This time I believe i was peaking.

T + 1:45 This was getting wacky. The very earth below my feet rumbled and groaned. A bold black grid covered the hilly landscape and the hills ruffled violently. 'Wow, I've never seen such a mad peice of earth. I wonder why it's so angry....' I crept along the wavy path, admiring it's tolerance to my furtive touch. It was like the ground was waves on the open ocean... hard to explain. Goddam, I was getting tired. I reach land at the cabin and docked my self at the couch harbor. Music was still a' blastin and my eyes were seeing the strangest things...

Inside the cabin, peoples faces morphed into the walls and random objects seemed to bounce around, much like Disney's Alice in Wonderland. It was very fun, but soon became too confusing. And this is the worst part. Mr. E and Mr. S found out about our mushrooms and became jealous. They exploited Mr. D's and mine's inebriation and started yelling bad things and trying to screw with us. It was terrible. I was so confused I forgot who I was, that was good fun, cause oncei forgot who I was, i became what I wanted to be. It was a fearsome sight, in my head at least. I blocked out the Mr. S & E and found my own world. I kinda forgot what happened next.

I came to my senses when everyone was going to sleep. 'wow. again, wow.' That was weird. Beer was all over the place. And the pillow I put my head on to sleep was soaked. So I slept by the last remaining embers of the fire and as they slowly burned out. You know the come down visuals? Where you're not tripping but things aren't right? The fire was a delicious glowing fractal. It was writhing and pulsating and it ceased to exist right as i fell asleep.

Conclusion: Aborts are good mushrooms, don't not throw away. There is strength in numbers. A penny saved is a penny earned. Stay away from jealous druggies. Plan ahead. Have fun


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