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unexpected best trip ever


So...I live on the east coast Canada, and go to university... I had recently come into some money courtesy of the lottery commision and decided to put my winnings towards mushroom. A friend and myself split on an ounce of mushrooms....Being a very stressful time for everyone with exams lingering around the cornor, a good mushroom trip was in order....5 guys, 19 grams of shroom, 2 grams of pot, a guitar... and a mission... We started at my place, drank 2 cups of tea a peace with 3 grams in in and ate the bags after (gross i know, but hell, why not?) we set off to go to this place out of town that we like to go called the landing. Basically it looks like a basball dugout looking over a river in the woods... It was dark, cold, but we were well prepared... on the 20-30 minute walk out the landing we each ate more mushrooms... me and my one friend ate 4 more grams throughout the night, and the others 3... just as we were heading into the darness of non-civilization, and the mushrooms were starting to take effect. I looked up.... little did we know this was no normal night, due to the recent solar flares, we found ourselves amidst the "aura borialas" or the norther lights.... jesus, we couldn't have piced a better night... we got to the landing, layed on our backs and watched in amazment, at what nature have given us... reds blues greens, moving all the time, not knowing what nature was creating and your mind was creating...most beutiful thing i have ever seen.... after about an hour it burned out... now just trippin... full 3D space outs.. craziness... we decided to go to the 2nd landing down a bit further....stayed there for a bit... then decided to go for a walk in the woods.... in our journey we came to a clearing... in which there was a shed.... two of my buddies hoped on the shed... and to our amazment the northern lights flared back up... and we just enjoyed the properties of it... there is really no words to describe the things i saw....

The northern lights was probably a once and a life time thing for me, definatly for that area of the country, and there is no other state of mine that i would have rather been in to see it....

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