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Understanding the Universe with the help of a horse and a head

Me and 5 of my friends ordered 40g Copelandia Cyanescens (hawaians) and 30g Yangoons.

Me and 5 of my friends ordered 40g Copelandia Cyanescens (hawaians) and 30g Yangoons. I myself took 20g of the hawaians, while 2 of my friends took 10g hawaians each and the rest split the yangoon. I've never taken more than 30g English Mexicans before, so I knew that this would be a pretty intense trip.
We took them at about 9pm in the house by blending them with orange juice (none of us can stand the taste). Before I had finished drinking mine I could feel my left arm going numb and a buzzing in my ears, so I lay back and waited for the effects to kick in fully. My friends who had taken the hawaians soon started to feel the effects too, although the people who had taken the yangoons were still waiting.
After about 5 mins I experienced uncontrollable laughter and saw the walls breathing. My friends soon joined in and we just lay back laughing for ages. One of my friends who had taken hawaians suddenly stopped and just lay there staring into space, and did this for about another half an hour. We then preceded to eat skittles and run around the house and saying how much we loved each other. This went on for about half an hour until I peaked and went off upstairs and stared at the ceiling. I saw the most amazing patterns in the ceiling until a very aztec-looking horse and face came into clear view on the wall. I could tell they were trying to tell me the meaning of life, and over and over again this face started crying, then turning angry. The horse didn't do anything, but it looked pretty damn cool. I cried for a bit at this because I wanted to know why the face was so sad, but then soon got up after hearing my friend ranting about the universe.
When I got downstairs he was rolling around on the floor shouting about how we were made up of millions of universes. I suddenly under stood this too, and started telling everyone about how our universe makes up one particle, a million particles make up an atom, a million atoms make up a loaf of bread, a million loaves of bread feed a civilisation, and that civilisations universe makes up another particle, etc. This made perfect sense to me and I thought I understood how the whole world worked. I shouted and ranted about this so much I was frothing at the mouth, and during all of this I kept good hold of an orange which I thought was a perfect example of the world we live in. We all soon quitened down (the people who had taken yangoons were just laughing the whole time) and proclaimed out love for one another and how we love everthing. It was about 1 a.m. at this time so we thought we should try and get some sleep. This proved a lot harder than anticipated though, as I had a sudden feeling of paranoia about my family finding out and worry about where my life was heading. I suddenly realised i was just sitting in a chair and went to find a blanket and a bed, and when I got into bed this feeling soon faded away. In the morning my stomach hurt from laughing and shouting so much, but not too bad. All in all I had a great time, although I think 20g hawaians is a bit too intense to do on a regular basis.

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