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Mushrooms are a thing we do every year where I come from in the U.

Mushrooms are a thing we do every year where I come from in the U.K, we live just about 2 miles away from the field where they grow wild every october.
This year was my fourth year and I was nervous as usual, but to make it better we had a new comer to ease through the first crucial minutes of the trip.
Now usually I would rate my trip at about a level 3 but this
one had been boiling up for about 2 hours and the effects were outstanding. Only about 6 slirps from my mushy brew and
i could see the handle morphing into my hand, and then I looked up to my friends were still looking pretty normal.
Ten minutes in and nothing was still, i looked around my bedroom and the whole thing was alive. Sounds were distorted and my throat felt numb like i couldnt swallow. I turned to my friends and told them i had to leave the room, they all noded and so we moved down stairs to the kitchen.
The first thing i needed was drink, but that didnt help, and by now the new comer David was looking pretty messed up.
Then all of a sudden the wind blew the curtains open and this amazing ray of light shined through. That was it, i opened the curtain fully and behold, the world was at our footsteps.
This was the first time we had ever been outside on mushrooms, i always had a feeling i wouldnt like it, but oh my god, it was the most amazing thing i had ever seen. The sun was so bright it made my garden look like something from Alice in Wonderland, and when i turned to look my friends were playing on my 8 year old brothers toys.
Then I remember getting this urge to want to explore more, ,the world was my playground and it was coming alive like id never seen before.
This is when we decided to get some ciggies from the shop, and we were not to know what was going to happen next.
On the way down, there were cars racing past and we had to cross the road, so we all held hands and timed it right. The people were looking at us, everybody looked as us, or at least it seemed that way. The funny thing was we were all still holding hands when we entered the store and it was a big busy store. Heads turned in a weird sort of way, the trollies seemed to be a part of them it was fucking bizarre.
Then we waled over to the fruit section and started eating grapes. They were the weirdest tasting fruit i have ever tasted, kind of flavoured but not real, like plastic, or like eating when youve been to the dentist.
But it wasn`t that, that made our trip, because the best part was just about to walk past us in an unusual way.
I turned my head to see if anybody was looking and this terrible hunch back looking woman walked past us and smiled this devilish smile. It feaked me like nothing ive ever seen, "wo shit, get back you fucker" i shouted and my friend s turned to see. They looked at her in a stranger way than i
did, for a minute i thought they were all gonna kill me, but they just starting laughing at her. Then she stopped and watched from the carrot stand, aiming her attention at me, they were all crying laughter by now, and i was just watching terified. That was the single maddest craziest fucked up moment of my entire life, and it seemed to last for an eternity...

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