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UFOs, and why they have something to do with hallucinogens?

Though my report title is funny this is no joke.

Though my report title is funny this is no joke...
One day me and my best friend ate a dime each of shrooms and had a great trip, we were young, so one dime was at the time, less interesting, less intense, though more visual than acid. Lots of mind games, time dialation, many uncommon sources of laughter, and all with massive visuals.
Later that day we took what we felt was a more serious and mind blowing hallucinogen, Lsd, we may have been wrong about that though.
We ate 2 gel tabs(of real acid or "good" acid) and sat on the playground at the school we went to when we were young. We had never mixed the two drugs before. The mind-games became serious and almost scary. We were reading each others subconscious cognative influences within the confines of the fine archetectures our conversations produced, (occupying each others minds). We were weird and articulate kids far beyond our years, however if I did this dose today, the experience would be at least 3 times as intense, and far too much.
It was really weird and felt like the winds and the visual phenomena that followed were alive and talking to us everytime we met with silence, because of the conversations that required such silence and contemplation at the time. Without the wind we would feel the same intense, heart-palipitation inducing visual and auditory rushes as if the intellect and vision was closely intertwined between the two of us. We then saw something in the distance. We had experienced some weird things but this......
There was a forest in our line of sight that had a new feature in it that we had never seen before, a giant disc of light, we looked off and saw it at the same time, for the same reason(or seemingly, as it had been the theme that night). It was like a giant neon-lit disc that was either hanging by a broken night post or a string in the sky, as it waivered back and forth. There were no lights in that forest preserve; we thought this to each other without saying, yet another primal joke between us but there was no laughing this time. The amount of light that it emitted was enough to give us (seniors in high school) goose bumps. We watched it as our conversations became dominated for the first time by another(seperate of the anomaly and eventually returning to it), one that spoke the truth, it was even funny at times and knew better than we did where we were going in the conversations. There is no reason people at our age should have been able to finish a complex thought with the intriquet and twisting flick of the wrist/hand just to have fun with the idea of experiencing the only telepathy that we knew of. It got more and more intense as the light moved quietly to the south untill the light disappeared. We were special, smart, but not crazy.
What follows could have been real or an expression of the archetypal mind coming in and checking on us or allowing us to use it, I dont know, my friend seems all the more confussed about it 4 years later. By the way this acid as far as I know doesnt exist anymore, it does somewhere, but usually not in the realm of people who deal drugs, (other kids we "sold" it to, agreed or had rather extreem and hard trips). Even the most visual/auditory acid is usually not real lsd-25, but if ya know the guy who can get that stuff, its a start. Those people takeing 10-20 strips of paper or gel, dont often have real acid or even good acid.
Anyways, We got cold and uncomforitable and the conversations met a stand still, a stand still of the sort that never happened to us, all disappeared including the light. As we got up to leave our "spot" we got to the end of the school where the street begines and saw something he and I will never forget.
A triangulare craft flew right over us and hung there in the sky, equiped with three greenish-white "neonish" lights about 10-20 feet above our heads for some time, and then we ran like hell into the street that lead to my friends house.
By the way this wasn't fun and im not kidding, nor were we seeing shit because we were anxiety stricken, if any thing we had elevated heart rates.
At the time my friend was not "in shape" and lagged behind a bit as I called to him. I was tearing up as I ran cause I knew something then, better than I do now. I was not crying though, just ready to die, but not entirely and was just happy to be confronted like this. We reached my friends liberal house-hold after about a quarter of a mile, and have only talked very little about it since, it was mainly talked about right after the experience, but still very little ever after, I was always willing to talk, he was not.
Whatever this was that we both saw scared us alot. My friend was ready to have a heart attack after running such a distance on acid, pot, and shrooms.
This thing, whilst under it,was massive and was accompanied by the most intense audio I had ever heard on these drugs(it takes about 3 grams of morning glory seeds nowadays to hear something that is so complex that it does not belong to me, in a way). I was a musician, and became a very serious musician because of the things I heard that night as it has lived on throughout my life. A musician who, though had already been very invovled in music, has to tune peoples inturements(annoys other musicians but sounds the best on recordings) because my ear is better than any tuning devise and I only care cause I can hear it and cant stand anything other than it. This probably has to do with the fact that these devises dont take into consideration the metals and their different tonal features.
This "thing" though, was the beginning of something even greater for me, something that I dont even talk about unless asked. Still, I cant give the whole story cause I cant trip anymore(many there after but not anymore), and dont want to taint the message, yet I see the message every day, not since the UFO, but since I disected that world later in life. Though In some way, it started there.
Im feel like some genetic mutation.
None the less or more, what we saw would have scared any one shitless. Thats why us two grown boys saw it, and ran like hell. By the way It was gone after about one eighth of a mile, we were running too fast to see its exit, yet we kept running.
From then, in later trips, we looked into the skies to see where we were going, and it helped us cause we saw strange things, but it died off gradually, and our group experiences ended prematurely because of a heart rate phenom. that I only experienced when with him, and always from then on, inside ones own skyless home.
Ive had many even more mind blowing experiences because I wanted to be alone since soon there after. The ufos only came on a blue moon, so they say.
This shit was real and valid even if it didnt exist, or wouldnt have been seen by sober onlookers. This was an increadible event. The only thing iv ever heard about such things is in T Mckennas book, "True Hallucinations".
I will always know what it is we saw(without eluding to the real info), whatever it was though, I hope it interests some people about the subject of true hallucinations and ufos. This thing was bigger than ourselves as people. It was also special.
If anyone has an interesting experience like this or comment, id love to hear it. Even if you think Im talking about spacecraft

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