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two american shamans

One day my freind and I went to chicago's blues fest and happened to come across some shrooms.

One day my freind and I went to chicago's blues fest and happened to come across some shrooms. We didn't eat them there because to us, that would just be silly, (enough said).
We ate them at his house the next day with no external stimuli except good music, some good bud for the come on, and each other.
Background: Both of us were somewhat used to 1.8 grams and always though it was a pretty heavy trip, and that shrooms in some ways superseeded lsd's potential(even if it's great acid). Yet mushrooms were not as easily articulated, more variant in it's abrasive physical components, and of shorter duration. We knew all other hallucinogenics were in one way, or many others, a catalyst to the deepest of visionary states only experienced on mushrooms and other tryptamines(dmt etc), but we did not yet understand the "large dose" in the way that it gets reciprocaly more intense the more you take. unlike lsd which is easier to guage, (if you know the "hits" your taking).
So....... we boiled the first 1.8(Per Person), felt it strong in 10-15 minuits, with a mind blowing, inspired capasity to speak clearly/articulately, and with already wild, but mild visuals. We then ate another 2 grams each.
The trip went streight up for about 4 hours and then came down slower and more finely tuned than ever before (after the 6 hour mark). We were laughing our asses off much of the time about cosmic unspoken things in a gyrating and dialated time-frame.
Things like lighters/ pencils and the like would unintentionally spring forth from our hands/bodies at high speeds only to further help us articulate the extatic states we acheived during the egoless, and also seemingly-clarvoiant conversations. It was a trip filled with Seizure-like cognative thrills mixed with sound, light and primal motor-twitching , the likes of which we had never seen before.
(We felt we had to go on a walk about 40 min. into the second dose.)
We saw the come down of it's metabolic and thus metaphysical spirit, it was visually more green than anything. All the visuals on the head of a pin oozing forth and whisping aroung our bodies with sound and light, we felt we knew what "it" was at the time, but thats another story.
We then contemplated a no sleep day so we could eat the rest this night. We figured we could do this for the better, and ate another gram each.
The trip continued as a funky red and flowing form. Unlike the green-chaos of before, it was revealing more of it's true form. It was like red, glowing lava as opposed to the last many hours of green. The funny thing is we thought this thought at the same time, the same time as we saw it.
It got pretty damn tricky, and intese, or for the normal joe, totally at your last rung. We couldnt communicate the phenomenas that it was perpetuating because it spoke to fast and too loud. It was showing us things that left us awestruck and voiceless. we went our seperate ways at that point knowing how important separation would be in the ongoing process of understanding the door we had not only opened, but possibly destroyed forever

So, 5+ grams is not most people's idea of a good time but im glad I went there with another person just that one time.

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