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Twilo Trip

Here's a dream I had the other nite: Twas a friday night.

Here's a dream I had the other nite:

Twas a friday night. 100 ravers on 2 luxury buses heading to one of the most wicked clubs on the East Coast... Club Twilo in New York City. The masters... Just like every other last friday of the month, Sasha and Digweed had come to spin.

I met this couple on the bus. We'll call them S and D. They bought an 1/8oz of mushrooms to split. I bought 1/8 also. Thinking we'd be able to hop off the bus and walk right into the club as I did last time I went, we decided to munch em down as we got close to the club... thinking these shrooms wouldn't kick in until we all got inside. They split their purchase and I decided to take down the entire 1/8th myself.


The bus turned the corner onto to street where the club was located. HOLY SHIT! The line was blocks long. A 2+ hour long wait no doubt. S/D and I looked at each other with that "ohhh boy here we go" kinda looks on our face. The two buses parked across the street and someone from the bus hopped off and had a quick chat with security. I have no idea what she said to them or how well she knew them.. but THANK god... she got them to start a new line just for us and to let us in ahead of the 97594669 ppl standing outside. Whew. About 15 mins after injestion... while the security guy was walking down the isle of the bus checking our ID's our shrooms kicked in FAST AND HARD. After about 30 mins we were outside the club in our short line and I was Tripping a LOT harder than I thought I would be.

Imagine standing on the sidewalk at night in the most intimidating city in the world, on ~3.5 grams of mushrooms. The clouds covering the sky turned into a colorful shield encompassing the city. Nothing else existed. I looked up and all the enormous sky scrapers looked like these strange alien castles. The flesh of my friends/aquaintances standing in line all around me was a throbbing blue and green. I was hearing strange liquid/alien type noises which sounded like it was coming out of their pores. Odd. The outside wall of the club started having a bit of a greenish blue radioactive glow and rippled a bit like it was a vertical pool.

After I showed my ID AGAIN to one of the bouncers a few of us were herded into the entranceway of the club with the doors slammed behind us. Oh my God. Things got really intense here. At first it felt like I was in a haunted house. It was dark, damp, and all sorts of strange club kids were all around me. The nausea started kicking in and I tried for what felt like 5-10 mins to hold it back, coughing and gagging. I could barely understand a thing anyone was saying that was standing around me. Everyone's language was just gobledygook. Maybe I shouldn't have dressed mostly in black because I started dissolving! I was fading away into the shadows.... For a couple mins I was worried I was dying or maybe I was just fading out of existence.

Still standing in line before the metal detector I had finally decided that I wasn't dead, but transported onto an alien planet. If only you guys could have seen the things I saw. I was in a state of awe... so powerful. I had never had an experience this intense, this visual before on any drug. The hallway was only about 30 feet long but it stretched on forever. The lights on the ceiling had morphed into HUGE buildings miles away.

With acid I've never really been... "transported"... anywhere. Things just melt and bend and twish and ripple. I was actually somewhere else during this trip. I still cant belive how powerful the experience was. It was so intense I was ready to just run back out into the street and pass out on the side of the building. I closed my eyes for a few seconds and all these strange patterns started forming. When I opene them, they were still there, superimposed over everything I saw, still moving, twisting, and rotating.

After almost barfing on the security guy that pat me down and after paying to get in (I have no idea how I pulled that one off) I got into the club.

TOTAL SENSORY Overload!! Twilo has a reputation as one of the most awesome clubs on the east coast and as I walked in, there was nothing to refute that. The lighting, music, crowd, total production was even more brilliant than remembers from last year. I felt like I was on E. I had considered purchasing an E pill that night for time after the mushrooms would wear off. But even after my peak, for hours I felt like I was on the most amazing natural high of my life. Almost like being really jacked on crystal, but without the crash. I had to sit down the feeling was so intense. Absolutely amazing... I'd try to come up with the words to describe the feeling, but I dont think the English vocabulary could do it justice.

After I was coherent enough to stand up, I wandered around the club, dancing here and there, meeting all sorts of freaks, club kids, etc. :)... I didn't think I could have had such an amazing time without the aid of a synthetic drug the whole night. I had once been such a gung-ho proponent of E and I eventually burned myself out on that...

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