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turning into a monster

I stumbled upon an 8th of dried mushrooms that was the last of a much larger bag and was crumbled and powdery.

I stumbled upon an 8th of dried mushrooms that was the last of a much larger bag and was crumbled and powdery.
Took my boom box stereo with an infected mushrom cd (Classical Mushroom),a beer and went out to the backyard.
quickly ingested the fungus washing it down with the beer. A couple of my friends showed up as they ushually do that time of the evening. About a half hour to 45 minutes later started to feel a queazy fealing in my belly, as time passed it turned to a burning and was spreading throughout my body. Within no time I was nearly paralized by this sensation, I asked my friend to get me some water and he brought out a gallon jug. Drinking the water made me feel a lot better, I asked what time it was and they said it was mindnight. I tried explaining to my friends that "the monster was coming out" and that I needed 2 hours to pass and I would feel alright. But I still insisted I was a monster and began making odd growling and grunting noises. Stumbling to the corner of the yard to urinate multiple times and eventually drinking Two full gallons of water I was reaching my peak all the bad feelings were fading away. So I turned up the stereo and layed there on my back on the lawn looking straight into a purple sky with a white haze all around it as it started to rotate back and forth in a twitching type pattern. At this point I had a deep uncontrollable hackle like laugh just as all the stars in the sky came down to me as if they were an inch away from my face, then backing away repeating like this for who knows how long yet still laughing. After the episode I asked what time it was again and got the same answer "midnight" I said that cant be it was midnight like two hours ago. I thought that night would never end. Thats all I really remember from that night, but one thing I did figure out was the twelve pack I had earlier that day had dehydrated my body. Thats where the pain was coming from all it took was 2 gallons of water and about 15 pisses to fix that.

Thanks for reading my trip and HAPPY TRAILS TO YOU!

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