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Tropical land

I started of taking a few shrooms with my friends after school on a Friday at about 4:30pm.

I started of taking a few shrooms with my friends after school on a Friday at about 4:30pm. I ate about 40-50 shrooms and smoked a few joints. I didnt really feel anything for the first hour. I took the train home and decided to make Mushroom hot chocolate. I swiged it back and ate a few more shrooms and sat with a blanket in front of the TV. I noticed the colours on the sleeping bag become brighter and more noticible. The Simpsons was on and the colours seemed bright and intense. I looked out the window and what was a dull day became brighter and more interesting. I could make out the contours of the trees. I kept yawning and puting my fingers in my mouth for some reason and my head kept droping from side to side.

I decide to move away from the TV because the colours were so bright. I noticed sort of streaks appear around the room and the pasta on the plate was glowing. Suddenly i was seeing two Lisa's two Bart's and two Homers on the TV. I rubbed my eyes and i kept seeing double vision. It freaked me out a bit at first. I stood up and nearly fell over. Spots wher appearing around the room and i had to get out. I went to the kitchen and the fridge was spliting into two.

I retreated up to my room and lay down on my bed. I could feel my pupils dilating and pulsing and patterns were emerging from the wall. I needed to shut my eyes. The bedroom light was blasting patterns through my eyelids so I switched it off and kept my bedside lamp on. I didnt want to open my eyes in case i saw something freaky. I switched on the radio and it calmed me down. Suddenly the DJ's voice sounded distorted and I couldnt understand him. The ice cream van out side was playing a tune and it was wavering up and down and sounded really wierd. I put on some music and i could hear sounds that i didnt hear before. It sounded like it was skipping a beat every now and again. I tryed to get up out of bed but it was as if i was asleep and i was imobilised.

The music began to fade into the distance and suddenly I was transported into this trippy tropical land. I could see birds flying made out of oragami and they were singing twirpy sounds. I could see intense green trees and flowers but i can't remember much else of this tropical place (I wish I could). It was utterly fasinating. I could hear my self talking about the sun shining and people cheering and laughing because it was a sunny day. I came back into reality and the music was still playing. I was saying 4 letter sentances every time i breathed out as if i was resiteing a poem. I opened my eyes and everything seemed convexed and distant. The pictures on the wall were melting and quavering. The walls were falling in over me. It didnt freak me out though. I looked at the clock and a lot of time had gone by. I was dieing for a piss so I sat up in bed. I felt weak and feeble. I stumbled to the sink and pissed into it in desperation. I wasn't seeing any illusions, though my eyes were still dilated. 9 hours had passed since I took the first shroom. I think perhaps i took far too many. Overall I ate about 70-80 shrooms. I will know better next time but i hope I will visit my tropical splender again soon.

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