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6:30 PM.

6:30 PM....my friends and i scrunch into our buddies car, heading up to the local lookout spot on one of the surrounding bluffs. on the way each of us eat an 8th(about 5 grams of dried psilocybe mushrooms). the taste wasnt too bad, ive had worse.

7:00....we are hiking down a nice wide trail that leads down to Jesus, the lookout..i feel the need to stretch my legs, also my vision is blurred, but bright..

7:45....we reach Jesus, a sandy area with lots of cool rocks to climb on. my friend josh and i lay down on the top rock that overlooks the city. we lay on our backs looking to the sky, lots of puffy clouds.. soon im catching trails off the clouds, so are my friends..we see differnt shapes and figures like toasters with faces on them and spoons riding cucumbers....weird shit...all of us are yelling out what we see and were laughing hard.

8:30....i decide to look arond for other things that i could distort with my mind...my friends are spinnin pretty hard now too..we all decide to sit down and watch the sunset while smokin a bowl of some good nugz..after that shit went crazy..josh had gotten himself obsessed with time, yelling out what time it was every 2 minutes, he couldnt believe that how long we had been out there had been so short of a time so far..

9:15....still trippin....its starting to get dark....we can see a storm front moving towars us..since were fucked up we dont think about getting out of the rain or the wind when it comes...so the storm hits us as a surprise, wind going crazy and rain coming down hard.. we group togeether under a big overhanging rock. the wind is picking up sand and it is pelting me in the face..it feels like needles pricking me or like little insects crawling on me... that was the hard part...in a half an hour the storm had cleared and it was peaceful outside..once again we sat down to burn one looking at the city..were about 600 feet over the city except it looks like its right below us...like a little game board...soon i was consumes by all the little cars moving and the streetlights...off in the distance i could see the radio towers blinking...i thought i was in las vegas on a rooftop staring at a casino with extravagent lights..we sta there and watched the city until we were sober enough to drive home.... it was a kool trip.....

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