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Tripping with Eddie

Shrooming is one of my favorite ways to liven up an otherwise boring evening.

Shrooming is one of my favorite ways to liven up an otherwise boring evening. My friend lives in a cozy house set back in the woods so it is the perfect spot for a good trip. As we had numerous times before, my closest friends,4 other girls besides me and 6 guys, decided to shroom. We each ate about an 1/8th and settled in for a long night. These mushrooms were stronger than we had ever had before or since. This was the best and worst night ever. The trip started off perfectly.We came onto it within 45 minutes, and upon turning on the radio, I realized that Pearl Jam's 2nd annual Monkeywrench radio was on. I am a PJ freak so I was so excited. Hearing Eddie Vedder's voice in surround sound with only candles lit and a trippy revolving multicolored light shining colors onto the ceiling and walls, I was in heaven. His voice, which is so unique and soothing in the first place, sounded like what God's voice would sound like. I kept telling everyone how honored I felt to be shrooming and hearing this live broadcast of great music and to be hearing Eddie himself speaking to us over the airwaves.

On the windows, the venetian blinds seemed to be 3-dimensional. When I walked into the bathroom, the entire room seemed to move away from me. Back in the living room, the couch had the same effect. It seemed to sink away, so it appeared enormously deep. Everything had tracers. It even looked like my friends' faces were morphing. When someone would move their head, for a split second, I could see an outline of their face where it was the second before. Watching my own face in the mirror was cool, it was like seeing a stranger.My friend has those mirrors that are on the cabinets so we opened the cabinet doors and placed our faces in front of the middle one so that we had a mirror on three sides. Then we would get lost in the mirrors, trying to find each other in all of the different grids that the three mirrors made(this is something we enjoy doing every trip, it is highly recommended) We all began laughing hysterically when I told my one friend that because of the way she was sitting, her head didn't look like it went with her body, like it was detached and perched on her right shoulder. Soon after that, for some unknown reason, I began talking with an accent like I lived in Fargo. I kept repeating the phrase "Dontcha know?!" I couldn't stop talking like this. It seemed to come naturally to me.

Outside by the campfire, my friends had set up the chairs like they were in a car, two in front and two in back. This made my laugh so hard I could barely breath. In order to calm myself down, I closed my eyes. But when I did, all I could see was bright prisms of color. It was cool but there was no escaping the hysteria. All of a sudden, I had the thought that I had peed my pants (I guess I was just sweaty) but that didn't occur to me. I crawled, yes crawled, to the front of the house and sprawled out on the lawn. Going off by yourself while peaking is not a good idea. My friend came and found me here and i told her to check and see if I had peed myself. She said I hadn't and that it was just my mind taking control. She tried to talk me down but I just told her to go away. Lying there staring at the stars through the trees, hearing the echo of my friends laughing around the campfire, I began to loose touch completely. I just kept thinking it would never end and how dissapointed my parents would be with me and how I would probably have to go to a mental hospital because I was never coming back to reality. After about a half hour(seemed like days) some of my friends came around the front and saw me lying there and took me to the bedroom and told me to lay down. The bed seemed enormous and I couldnt figure out which direction was the right one to lay in (it was dark).The moonlight shining through her curtains made me think I was in a spider web and I just rocked back and forth telling myself i was going to be okay. My friends kept coming to check on my but they kept turning on the lights, which as any tripper would know, bright lights, especially all of a sudden, are bad news. I would just yell at them and tell them to leave me alone but they kept coming back. For the remainder of the night I just listened to the music and their voices and everything sounded like it was in a tunnel. Eventually I snapped out of it, and overall I was happy with the trip. Even though the last two hours I thought I was in hell and I was never coming back to reality ( I acutally believed I would be in a state of constant tripping), the first 3 or 4 hours were the funnest of my life. There is nothing like the feeling of pure emotions, raw uncontrollable laughter, and the sights and sounds of prisms and music and having it all mesh together so you are seeing the music and hearing color and feeling the sounds and sights around you. The only thing that sucks is that since that night, whether I am tripping or shrooming, I always feel like I am going to pee my pants. I take care of it by making sure I go to the bathroom often but it justs sucks that I always think about it at least a couple times a trip. I guess that's just the price I pay for fucking with my mind so much...To get the highest highs, sometimes you have to get the lowest lows.

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