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Tripping in town

I'm Ollie, 17, male, underweight and I live in England.

I'm Ollie, 17, male, underweight and I live in England. A few months ago, before mushrooms were outlawed, I went to London with my friend Greg. We bought 90grams (2 45g boxes) of fresh Mexican Cubensis for £20 in Camden market, and proceeded to make our way home.

We started eating them on the train, washing them down with water. It was my third time but Gregs first, so I was a bit worried that he didn't really know what he was putting himself in for. I was a bit nervous when eating them, as I always am. I think it's the fact that I don't know what's going to happen that scares me slightly, and usually my trips while overall an amazing and positive experience always seem to have a few negative sections. Anyway We started munching a few of them down, probably about 5 each spaced out over the 45 minute journey back to my hometown Guildford.

We got off the train and neither of us were feeling anything yet. It was getting dark so the streets were lit by streetlamps, and there weren't too many people around as it was a Sunday night. We hadn't really planned well for the experience. It was a spare of the moment thing, but we had some food and water on us, and we set off walking around town. We walked around up randomly, not really going anywhere. After another half an hour, nothing seemed to be happening so we ate some more, probably about 3-5 more each, so now we had both nearly finished our 45g boxes. Anyway, we carried on walking through the empty streets.

We first started noticing things while walking past the small castle in our town. The stone walls seemed to be moving. I noticed the texture standing out and my vision had gone extremely sharp and focussed. I felt a tingling through my body and in a more positive mood. I asked Greg if he saw the texture of the wall like I did and he said he did. We started walking up a huge road on a steep hill. Our trip started really kicking in on the way up. Greg was complaining that his hand felt wet, like it was dripping with water, but it was dry. For some reason I was kicking around a bottle and it was one of the funnest things I had ever done. I watched the bottle roll all the way down the road and I looked up to see the whole town lit up. It looked majestic and beautiful. We started heading back down the hill and by the bottom we were both tripping out intensely! The street lamps were darting around, patterns covered the paths and the town was a psychadelic wonderland of moving colours. We were tripping out on anything we saw and I remember coming across some coloured lights embedded in the pavement outside a shop. As I walked over them the light seemed to pop out at me, and turn 3D. I watched the purple light warp into a ball in front of me, like watching a lava lamp. It danced around in front of my eyes and I tried touching it, feeling a warmth. After what felt like about 20 minutes tripping out on this light we carried on walking. We came across a long alleyway. Greg said to me "we can't go down there or we will get lost" and I replied "that's the whole point!" and we followed the alleyway giggling like little girls.

We were still in town, and ended up walking around the same streets over and over again for a few hours. We had nowhere to go but we were having so much fun anyway. At some point I got the random urge to phone some friends and I said to Greg "we need to find a phone booth". This is when the trip turned into more of a mission. It was an epic adventure to find a phone booth. We started heading back to Gregs house, looking desperately for a phone booth to use. It seemed so important to us to find this phone booth, it was like a life or death situation. After what seemed like forever, when we finally found one the phone booth seemed to light up the street. It was like a heaven on earth, the holy grail of phone booths, with a radiant and magical glow surrounding it. I walked into the phone booth picked up the phone and then wondered to myself "why am I here?" I asked Greg "who were we going to phone?" and he replied "I have no idea" (obviously in more cluttered and confused speech.)We stood there confused for a while and then decided to head off home.

We started walking back home and on the way we encountered quite a busy main road that we had to cross. I was terrified of getting run over and I was scared of a nearby carpark where they were having a cruise (a gathering of people showing off their modded cars). The music and lights coming from the cruise made me think it was like a rave, and I was paranoid that all the people were looking and laughing at us, worried that someone would start a fight. Anyway we managed to cross the road in the end, through A LOT of concentration. I made sure to myself it was 100% safe to cross before I did so. In hindsight, it was a bit stupid going near dangerous roads, but at the time we wanted to get back so it didn't matter.

When we got back to Gregs road, I wanted to go in, but his parents were still awake and he was paranoid that they would know. He tried telling me that he wasn't tripping anymore and he was pissed off that I wouldn't stop talking crap, but he was lying because he was paranoid. Anyway he deserted me and went home, leaving me to walk to my home on my own (20 min walk).

Walking home on my own was probably the best part of my trip. I decided to go through the forest, and this was an amzing setting. The trees seemed alive and I spent a good half an hour sitting on the forest tripping out. I got a pen out of my bag and it seemed like a good idea to document my trip so that when I come back to reality I could have some record of it. So I started writing on my arms. I don't know what I wrote because it was written so badly. It made perfect sense at the time but all I could see in the morning was stuff like "woooowwww trees" all over my arms in perminant black pen! Anyway when I reached my house I walked in and my Mum was still up. It was about 1am. I walked straight past my Mum because I was so paranoid and went straight to my room. She thought I was just really drunk. Anyway I lay on my bed and watched TV. My room looked SO different. It was a completely different shape and I was still tripping my nuts off. The ceiling was like a kaliedoscope and I couldn't make sense of what was on TV, but the human characters all looked like aliens. Their heads were weird shapes and they seemed to pop out of the TV screen. No it was not the Teletubbies. Anyway I spent all night in my room, tripping with my eyes closed. It felt like a dream but I was awake. Maybe I was half asleep, but I worked out that if I concentrated hard enough I could make stuff appear in front of me from my imagination. I had some great closed eye visuals and it was generally a very cool night.

At some point I fell asleep and when I woke up in the morning everything was back to normal, but still a tiny bit fuzzy. It was like I was stoned for a good few hours that day. I went to college and we were developing film in the dark room. The dark room had a bit of a colourful fuzz to it. Well that's about it. I hope it was interesting. Obviously it is SO hard to describe a mushroom trip and I missed a lot of it out, but it was another amazing experience and I can't wait to do it again. Unfortunetly the law have changed and they are illegal here now but i'm going hunting now to see if I can find some liberty caps. Over and out.

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