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Tripping in the pool

The first time I heard about shrooms i was fairly interested, the stories from my buddies were enough to make me try a few cups of tea.

The first time I heard about shrooms i was fairly interested, the stories from my buddies were enough to make me try a few cups of tea. Little did I know that my expieriance would be extremely disturbing.

The night started with a bowl and a joint before we made our way to my friends apartment. I pounded a glass and a half of tea as soon as we arrived and we sat and watched TV smoked cigerettes and bullshitted for about half an hour. Then we smoked another bowl out of a kick-ass make-shirft bong. I was totally uneffected by the shrooms at this point and being my first trip i was starting to get impatient. After another half hour we headed to the pool and hot-tub to relax. The turned out to be a bad idea. Of course I felt great as soon as I hit the hot-tub and i enjoyed the hell out of that for about 2 cigerettes, after about 15 minutes in and out of the pool and hot tub i headed back to the apartment to grab my bong.On my way back i began to notice an unexplainable feeling and i remember telling myself that my senses were really fucking crooked.

As I walked back to the apartment I noticed that some guys that i didnt know were following me, random thoughts flashed through my head so fast that i barely had time to visualize one thing before something else came up and i became really rearanged in the parking lot. I suddenly snapped out of my strange daze and was again able to concentrate at my task at hand, get the bong. went up stairs,got bong,got sack. On my way back to the pool I looked down the stairs and they were waving, kind of stretching back and forth like and acordian and since i was all alone I noticed the first touch of fear, I shook it off grabed the rail and headed down back to the pool.

Once i was back at the pool, everything i saw seemed to throb and i was having a really hard time understanding my friends, then we lit up antoher fat bowl. After smoking th bowl I decided to go for a swim, the water felt really good but i was feeling like i had no body i was just some strange energy. All of this i found very interesting and i was really enjoying it then i decided to float on my stomach underwater.

I can't really say what actually happened but suddenly I was floating in a white void, I had no awareness of my body at all and i wasnt seeing all this with my eyes it was more vivid than that. suddenly i realized holy shit i am going to drowned if i don't get out of this water, so i raised my head out of the water. When i opened my eyes the white void shrank back into the street lights and reflections from the water and I slowly regained most of my vision. Everything bounced hard and i could hardly see the chair i was aiming to sit down in.after relaxing for alittle while and letting my mind drift i felt better,I noticed that differant colored lights made a differant sound. I then wandered to the hot-tub.

As soon as i sat down in the hot water my head floated away from my body and i watched my legs and arms twitch in the water like they were falling, I kept fading in and out of this frightening image because i was trying to fight it off. I failed got out of the hot-tub and we all went back to the apartment together. That's all i remember

The fucked up thing about it is that i can think about that trip and it is still eteched in my brain more than just a memory.

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