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Tripping in Nature - Oh wata trip!

this was my 3rd time on mushrooms.

this was my 3rd time on mushrooms. my friends and I usually try and get away from everything when we trip on shrooms coz being on shrooms in the dorms in my college defines a bad trip and you cant get the most out of it. 2 of us ate a full 1/8 each and the other 2 shared their 1/8. I started feeling the come-on (edgy, squeamish) effects within minutes...oh yes...these shroomies were fucking potent. We walked up the nature trail and found a nice spot to chill. Everything appeared bigger, colors started to become more vivid and bright, everything i heard from a distance was much louder. I loved everything about that place...i felt like it was like heaven...green is very soothing to the eyes, especially on shrooms. Around 2 hours into the trip I started tripping harder than I ever had before...huge maroon/brown dots started to appear on the ground. I started peaking like a motherfucker...this is when i felt the heavenly poison in every part of my body, especially my spine, neck and brain. Everything I saw was beautiful and gave me pleasure. the plants that were close to one another started merging together, the grass appeared to be fucking huge and nothing was normal. Soon i reached the point where i cudnt be bothered to do shit except walk around and trip on everything i saw, nothing made sense but it was all good, I didnt remember my own name, cudnt think or interact with anyone normally. Some people did walk by and almost fucked it up for me but they left soon enough. Everything now was like a beautiful painting and it felt like if someone touched it, everything would smeer like in water. I lost complete perception of time and distance...i felt as tho space was warped (things appeared closed than they are, things close appeared furthur and everything was continously changing). Then i reached the point between the peak and the come-down, when u start realizing shit and so many weird/psychedelic images/thoughts come to your mind. Then my friend started pissing me off coz he was cold and wanted to get his jacket from the car. I was in no mood to leave nature and come down with the risk of something fucking my trip up. I had to walk with him anyway...sure enough...the comedown like always wasnt the best but better than the other times. The walk to the car was like walking in a tunnel made up of leaves and trees merged with one another...it was cool. We got the jacket and headed right back to heaven (nature)... people started coming and fucking it up for me, even from a distance. Luckily we got back up just in time and smoked a nice big joint to bring the trip back. I started tripping again. This time we started walking up furthur and entered a field full of something like crops ... like in a farm .... it was funny i felt like i was in one of those johnny bravo episodes where he wakes up in a cornfield. i felt like i was a tiny little rat walking around in a cornfield, that was fucking random. Suddenly the sun became too intense and everything i saw was too overwhelming but it was amazing. the walk back to the car this time was amazing...we were all coming down in peace, happy and being really nice to each other...satisfied with the whole psychedelic experience...it was an amazing trip...i dont know where i'll do it next time...but its hard to believe any trip for me cud be better than this...we'll just have to wait and see.

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