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Trippin' With Bill

began with me and another friend of mine going to buy some doobages on a monday the partying was over for the weekend and we still wanted to get wild durin the week but since we just wrecked his car we didn't have a ride to the dealers house.

began with me and another friend of mine going to buy some doobages on a monday the partying was over for the weekend and we still wanted to get wild durin the week but since we just wrecked his car we didn't have a ride to the dealers house... so we waited around for Gref to come over (one of my friends friend that has a vehicle) and take us to get some pot but while we were waitin on him the "Mushroom Man" came by to see if my friend was wantin to trip with him since he had done it before.(the mushroom man grows his own and trips whenever he feels the need so i kinda lucked into this trip) so my friend and i decided we would rather trip than smoke but we had about 10 grams only between 3 people. so when Gref showed up with two of his friends (only one wanted to trip out of the 3 that showed up) so we told them we wanted to trip and gref decided to go get pot and take his other friend that didn't wanna trip home with him so we wouldn't kill them or anything... but before he went home he brought another friend over from the dealers house to trip with us.

so there we was sittin in a buildin starin at 5 pieces of notebook paper sittin on a table with shrooms on cut up on them. without sayin a word we all started munchin on them at the same time washin them down good with blue Kool-Aid it was about 12 when we had finished them all

we all just sat around lookin at eachother listenin to System of a Down waitin for the trip to kick in they must have felt something before i did because they told me to turn off the light and as soon as i did i felt them hit me we must have sit in the dark for 20 minutes they finally told me to turn on the lights and i started feelin underneath of my chair for the lightswitch and i grabbed a judo glove that was made of a smooth plastic material it was the greatest thing i've ever felt and i finally found the light switch

when the lights came on it was just like everything's contrast had been fucked with, objects we're trailin like nothin you can imagine and there was a checkered flag hangin from the ceilin that just amazed me

time pased on and i decided i had to piss so i went outside and tried to piss but it was difficult so i just stood there beside of a tree that i was leanin against i found a leafy tree branch that just fucked my world up so i decided to take it back to the buildin with me and the lights we're off when i got in there and i sat down and started playin with the branch and when i turned the lights on the leaves were everywhere... in peoples hair... down my shirt.. i mean just everywhere

so i went outside again and i started to talkin to the horse that my friend has he told me that he didn't like to be fenced up and i turned to look at something in the yard and the grass was purple then i looked at bill again(the horse)he had a green tint to him then i scared myself before i realized that he wasn't tryin to eat me so i imagined that i was runnin away from him but really i was movin slowly towards the buildin

so i walked back into the buildin where everyone was at and "LongHair" one of my friends friend (hes kind of a gothic guy) was sittin behind a green cot in a corner sayin "I believe in god" over and over in a german accent it just flipped my world around so i could take it no more

i walked into the house and Travis (my friends little brother) was still awake on the computer and he let me talk to people but i had no idea what i was doin and i was askin everyone who they was he told me that i was feelin of water and rubbin it on my face and then askin him if i were bleedin and he kept trippin me out harder and harder... he told me i killed a little kid named Rocky and i thought the water on my face and hands were blood so i decided to walk back into the living room and watch tv before i really decided to to kill him

when i got there everything was pitch black so i just sat there a while tryin to figure out what i was doin then i finally managed to turn on the tv to "Dexters Lab." on "Cartoon Network" he fucked with my head more than anything i saw that night... he was butt naked standin there eatin a apple with tye dye gloves on and i looked over and somehow Travis had gotten into the living room without me knowin it and he was sittin there eatin a apple along with Dexter so i had enough of that and went outside once again

i went back outside i felt like i was "Marilyn Manson" or someone like that because i was movin real sly and quiet i scared everyone because they didn't know where i went for all that time and didn't know how the hell i got around so quietly

so everyone left except me, "Mushroom Man", and my friend we decided we was hungry and there was a store about 3 minutes away so we drove there (we was still trippin but not quite as hard it was about 5 in the mornin) and the store wasn't even open

so we came back and i thanked "Mushroom Man" for givin me such an expierence then i fell asleep outside in the gravel

and i hope everyone that was trippin there that night had as good of a time as i did and made it home pretty safe lol

that was my first time trippin and definitely won't be my last and no matter how hard you try to get someone to understand your trip you just find yourself leavin out parts that you can't even understand

but for now Keep It Real

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