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Trippin w/ Tom&Jerry

My first time ever trippin on shrooms I allowed my experienced friend to take care of finding them.

My first time ever trippin on shrooms I allowed my experienced friend to take care of finding them. He warned me that they were great shrooms and very potent but said what the fuck, eat the whole bag. I dont need to describe how it first felt beacause you all know already. However, did I trip? I was out of my head.

I walked outside first and sat down on my friends porch to smoke a cigarette and I could have sworn I was out there for 5 min. I was in a great mood soaking in nature and watching the earth slighty tilt to the left. My friends found me out there and told me I had been there two hours, oh well you win some you lose some. Let me get tot he Tom and Jerry shit.

Now it is hard to explain how intense this shit was, but as most of you probably know already or at least I hope, nothing but nothing beats cartoon network if its rainging outside and you are shroomin. Tom&Jerry came on. Only this wasn't the normal Tom&Jerry I remembered as a kid. There was something more to them. You are probably saying, what is this dumbass talking about? Well believe me they were more. Tom was chasing Jerry under water the entire episode, swimming around and doing the usual. Only the more I watched, the more I became sucked into the tv. I sat there and actually felt myself swimming around with them. Singing with the fish and shit. Very cool. It turned out it was all a dream though. Tom had just slipped and passed out dreaming he was underwater chasing Jerry. It all made sense too. Just one of those things where you knew exactly what was up.
I couldnt believe what I had just witnessed. I wanted to tell everyone. Then I looked down though...... My friend was laying there chewing the carpet and screaming. I didnt know what to do. I sat there and watched him. What the fuck are you doing man? He said he was finding his middle ground, so I let him be and eventually I guess he found it. Sometimes I just dont question those things. They just work themselves out.
Anyway, after almost 7 hours of tripping off of these shrooms I thought I was down so i drove to Blockbuster to grab a movie. I got there and damn was I wrong. Everyone was looking at me and the lights were so fucking bright. I walked around the entire store and bolted out the door to my car. I will have none of that I thought to myself. They were beasts, all of them.
Anyway, it is hard to really explain every detail of my trip. All I can say is it was intense as hell and to anyone who hasn't watched cartoon network, watch it trippin and you will know just what I mean. Oh and dont be afraid to turn on some music and out the tv on mute while you are watcing it. It goes along prefectly with most cartooons no matter what it is. Anyway, I cant write anymore I am gonna go smoke. We journy on our trip, hope you enjoy your stayyyyyyy

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