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Trippin Ballz

The first time i did mushrooms was crazy.

The first time i did mushrooms was crazy. I did it at my friends house but i was the only one doing it. I got an eigth of dried mushrooms. I ate them around 5:30pm. At 6:00, me and L went out to meet B. We went in B's car and smoked a fat ass blunt (we bought a quarter for that night). I was really high and the shrooms were just starting to kick in. I remember my first sight that i was trippin was B showed me his zippo lighter. I looked at it and everything was cool. But he pulled it back out in about 5 minutes to light a cigarrette but i looked smaller. A lot smaller!!!"Hey it that a different zippo"?i asked.He said no what r u talking about so i grabbed it from him and held it in my hand. It was really small like only an inch tall!Thats when i started freaking out! I was getting slight visuals swaying of trees and whatnot. I was very giddy and laughing my ass off. well, B went home and me and L went inside by 6:30. By 7:30 i was fucked up. I wish i could explain to you the confusion and craziness i was feeling. Me and L were in his room in a huge cardboard box that we made look like a barn.(thats our trip room). We went in there at first. There are drawings of wierd things on the walls. I kept blacking out and sinking slower and slower into the ground. all the drawings were spinning around and mixing together but in a very fast motion. L was smoking some bud but i didn't feel like it. But i tried to and i put the bowl way to far into my mouth(i thought i was eating a popsycle!). L laugh and said "man you are really fucked up". I couldn't say anything back to him i was so out of touch with reality. L held the bowl for me and i still forgot how to do it. i gave up. The barn was freaking me out so i went outside it and just sat in a chair and stared tword the wall. L told me "im just warning you that every room is just as crazy as this one".I kept hearing the words "Two" and "ooohhh" just slowly sounded out in my head like a siren starting off high pitched and then very low pitched.I was just sitting there not saying a thing and not knowing what i was thinking about. There were to many things going on but nothing was happening. I remember thinking that all the objects were going to attack me. I remember seeing the computer next to me move over in my view of sight as if it were stretching over to see my face as it stalked me. I looked over and it would just be swaying. The cardboard barn was on my right and i remember it growing really really tall. like it was winding up to attack me. It started to swoop downward very fast and i looked over at it in complete fear as i realized it was just swaying there looking like it wasn't doing anything. L was trying to make me calm down cause i was just GONE!I thought he was against me too. Everytime i looked over at him, he would just be staring at me. He face would morph into different people too.he would say "WHats wrong?" and it would tripp me out more because it would ring through my head . all i could say is "i just want to know whats real." L has done shrooms before so he wanted to calm me down. We went on a walk outside. Just down the street and back. I was still freaked out but felt very cared for and i was trying to explain to L what i was thinking. I was focused on all different aspects of real life such as family,friends,the human body, and clothing. But i was also thinking about fucked up unreal shit that isn't real. And i was trying to justify what was real in my head and what was just made up. I thought of my dad and my mom. I had no idea if that was real life or something i had made up though it seemed familiar to me.
Anyways, We were walking forever it seemed but it only turned out to be about 200 feet(which can be alot on shrooms). We were heading tword a main road from L's sub division. We planned to turn around when we got there. I guess i blacked out because all the sudden i was walking backwards as L was running up to me saying "STOP ITS THE MAIN ROAD TURN AROUND AND COME TWORDS ME!!!" I noticed where i was and i ran twords him like a scared little kid. I was almost in tears.
We then went back inside to watch the Red Wings hockey Game. i was sitting really really close to the TV and i was just watching in wonder as the puck slowly glided against the ice. The more i focused, the more it slowed down. There was a moment when the puck totally stopped. That tripped me out allot. Time did not exist once so ever! I was also listening to the anouncer because every little thing he said was suuppeerr ssllooww aanndd eecchhooeeyy.it was crazy! well it was now about 8:30(though it seemed a lot later).
I was still fucking gone and L's mom had just gotten home from getting pizza. L offered me one and he went and got it for me. He brought it to me with no plate. When i turned to look and grab it i just started laughing hysterically because the pizza just looked funny. I grabbed it and took a bite. I started cracking up."Dude i can't take another bite". "IT feels like i have a inner robot that is moving the food around in my mouth and swallowing it for me"! Well it now almost 3 hours into my trip and im still fucked up but not as crazed. I was just worried that i was gonna get caught or some paranoid shit like that. I also had to call my mom before 10pm. I was nervous but i picked up the phone with confidence. I looked at the numbers and i couldn't see which buttons were which. They were all morphed together. like a big mixing bowl of numbers. they were everywhere. So i had L dial for me. I talked to her really quickly and i did pretty good i guess.

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