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trippin balls

Check it out my name is Brian.

Check it out my name is Brian. I live in Fl. and ive done acid alot but never shrooms so one day my friend invited me over to eat some cubensis. Well after about 16 caps (which i later found isnt suggested for a first timer) things became crazy we went and smoked 2 joints then my friend turned into cyclops or some shit with one eye. Then we decided that wed go to the bowling alley for this cosmic bowling shit where everything in the place is black light responsive and triipy. I saw a cop outside and that freaked me out i then became caught in a loop hole saying a was going to die and laying on the groung screaming. About an hour later i was back home again, still thinking i was going to die then i began giving all my stuff away(car, money etc....) and stripping all my clothes off. About three hours later i was ok and not dead. It was crazy but cool. Since then ive been doing shrooms and my trips have been all good since then. I guess it wasnt cool to trip on shrooms with a head full of bullshit

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