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First Time: Decent

This was my first time doing shrooms.

This was my first time doing shrooms. I live in Jersey so they aren't exactly easy to get. I was looking for a while to get them, and finally one night I talked to some kid that lives on my street that deals a lot of weed, and he said he could get me some. I was supposed to get two 8ths, one for me and my two frieds were going to split the other one.
The next day my one friend said he wasn't going to do them, and the kid I was getting them from was only selling whole 8ths, so i only got one. My one friend that didn't want to do them that night came over that night. At 11:00 that night the kid came online and told me to meet up with him to get the shrooms. I ran outside and got them, and ran back to my house.
When I walked inside, I got my first look at what he gave me. They didn't really look like mushrooms. I had no idea what type they were. Whatever they were, they weren't good. Considering I ate a whole 8th my first time, i probably should have been tripping a lot harder. I quickly put them on a PBJ sandwich and ate them. Right after that my friend went outside and smoked a jay and a few bowls. I got everything ready while he was out, expecting to be tripping later on. He came in and was pretty stoned.
It was about 50 min after I ate them. At this point I just felt a little stoned. My friend just ate and passed out, and I was alone watching The Doors movie (awesome fucking movie). The whole time all the faces kept looking like they were constantly going through layers. It was kind of weird, but nothing that crazy. Since it was so dark, all I could see was the bright screen (big screen). It kept looking like it was just the screen floating around, not too far from where it actually was.
At this time, it was about an hour and a half after i ate them. I was still watching the movie. I felt really tired, but I couldn't go to sleep. Whenever I would close my eyes, I would think of all these fucked up things. It seemed like I was thinking about a thousand things at once. I would open my eyes, and walls would seem closer or farther away then they really were. The walls looked like they were breathing.
When the movie was over the credits came on, and as the words were moving up, they seemed like they were getting smaller and like they were coming out at me. Then I watched normal TV. Surrounding my TV is a glass enclosure thing. All I had to do was move over a little bit from where I was laying on my couch to see myself. I heard that you're not supposed to look into mirrors, but I couldn't help it. I looked and even though I wasn't that close, I could see my face, but it wasn't mine. It was all different faces that I have never seen before, and it would change to a different face every couple of seconds (it seemed). This didn't interest me much at the time, so i went back to watching TV.
As reached down to scratch my leg, and my whole body felt like I just jumped in a pool. I felt soaking wet, but I really wasn't. Then while I was watching TV, an IO Cablevision Commercial came on. At the end of it, they showed a little girl, and her face turned into an alien, like the ones in the System of a Down music video, I forget which song it is for.
After this I got up to get another blanket because I was freezing. When I turned the lights on everything looked really cool. Everything was a lot brighter than usual. I went back to the couch. After this I just watched TV for a while and went to sleep. Overall it was OK but I was expecting it to be much better. I plan on doing it again and getting good shrooms this time.
Have fun tripping.

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