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Trippin at Movies

AUTHOR: FungusFarmer SET: Local movie theater to see Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

AUTHOR: FungusFarmer
SET: Local movie theater to see Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.
AMOUNT: Took 2 grams powdered Syrian Rue one hour before 2 used Rice cakes.
OVERALL IMPRESSION: Most enjoyable way to see a movie


Well, spring break has been pretty kind to me so far. Just finished up my second trip of the week. Chopped two dead rice cakes into chunks, boiled for 15 minutes, and drank the water heavily cleaned up with Koolaid. SHROOMAID! My roomy and I had been talking about seeing a movie that day, and so we grabbed a sober friend to drive us over to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

The trip kicked in very very fast, I was feeling the first twitches five minutes after drinking the brew. I hadn't eaten in six hours. With the first hints of visuals showing up, we headed out to catch the late night showing.

Waiting fot the movie to start, the visuals really started picking up and I suddenly felt like I was getting ready to see the muppets (the room looked just like the stage from the Muppet Show). The large, hanging red curtains at the side of the theater moved as if they were being blown by vents or something, though I couldn't detect any air movement. The usual enhancement to sense of humor helped us as we made relentless fun of the crappy local ads being shown on the screen, we were really ripping into them but the whole theater was empty so we could do whatever we wanted. The childlike urge to run behind the curtains and see what's back there made me realize that I was going to be in for a good trip.

When the movie finally started, it was really weird having to read the subtitles. However, it soon faded into something I got used to and never even noticed them again. I soon began to lose the feeling that I was actually in a theater and really began to feel that I was actually a part of the movie.

Repeatedly, I found my eyes wandering to the red curtains at the side of the theater. The combination of deep red and black shadows gave me some immensely beautiful visuals. The wall of curtains suddenly seemed to be miles and miles high, it was very 3 dimensional with the middle section made up of what looked like a giant red circular sawblade swirling clockwise. However, instead of being the sharp edges of a steel blade, the middle swirling section was almost liquid in how it moved.

After feeling like I was zooming through this wall, I suddenly jerked back to the movie. It was as though my brain remembered I was actually in a theater for a moment, and I knew my peak had just passed. The visuals were still crazy, especially when I went to the restroom a saw little flower shapes in several colors on the walls in the bright light.

The story of the movie is a fascinating one, with some absolutely gorgeous outside scenery that is a perfect fit to the mushroom trip, like a nature show. It felt like I was a part of their cutlure for two hours, a very enjoyable experience.

The only downside of this whole trip was that I took an MAOI before eating the cakes, which almost always legthens the come down for me. Once my body began to get tired and trip wore off, I felt mentally exhausted and wanted to just sleep. However, the constant string of throughts running through my head and music that never steemed to stop playing kept me up all night. I usually fall asleep for a few hours, wake up totally back to normal then get another six hours of regular sleep. However this time I took the mushies a little late, and the lengthened trip from the MAOI served to lengthen the unpleasent parts as well as the cool ones. I slept like a mofo the next night, but by then nothing short of an earthquake could have kept me up.

All in all, our experiment proved to be successful, and another example of how mushrooms make even routine sources of entertainment come alive again for you. We're always working on new things to do while enjoying our fungus friends...I even went to a college class tripping once and it seemed the program coding went straight into my brain. Probably next time try camping...write up a report then too.

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