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i stopped by my friends to pick up my quarter of shrooms and headed back to my house.

i stopped by my friends to pick up my quarter of shrooms and headed back to my house. i split them up into what i thought was 2 1/8's. I gave my friend the smaller portion as i ate the larger portion. we smoked about 5 bowls of weed and watched fear and loathing in las vegas waiting with anticapation for the goomies to kick in. then all of sudden everything started to change, i ran to my bathroom and looked in the mirror. sure enough my pupils were covering pretty much all of the color on my eye. i called for my friend and found her leaning over laughing in the hallway (the trip had started!). we decided the best thing to do was go outside seeing as it was the perfect day. i sat looking at a flower for what seemed like hours because i thought it was alive and it had morphed a face. i didnt go as far as to ingage in conversation with it because i didnt know what to say. all these thoughts ran through my mind i couldnt stay on one particular subject, so i tried to stop thinking. i looked up and my cat was sitting in the sun on my balcony and he looked like god, it amazed me so much i had to tell my friend. she looked at it and didnt say anything she just stared in amazement. then we went inside to continue are movie. i saw my friend get up fast and run up stairs, i didnt think much of it. about 5 hours later or maybe 5 min later (time really didnt make any sense to me) i went on a journey upstairs to see what had consumed my friend for so long. when i got to the top of the stairs i saw her in the corner looking out the window. she was blabbering on about society being disgusting and she hates being human, sounded like she was steering right into a bad trip. so i decided it would be best if we go outside again. i layed down on the cement and looked up at the clouds they were morphing around into diferent shapes and even creatures, i looked away and looked back the clouds appeared closer i kept doing that until it looked like they were right in front of my face, i had to scream. Then i realized i had to pee, i went to the bathroom and stared at the walls i saw the stico or whatever its called start to morph around it was really cool. then i got lost in the mirror just staring. i must of been in there for a while because my friend called me out of my hypnosis. i remember thinking all these things like i had the answer to life but i was so out of mind i cant even remember what my thoughts were, i wish i could. i started to get a bad feeling like i was coming down so i smoked A LOT of pot. when i was pretty much all the way down i realized i had eaten the shrooms at 12 and it was then 6 o clock i had been tripping for a while. I loved every bit of it and i strongly suggest that everyone takes them and open your mind to things you never thought possible.

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