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Trippen alone

My nameis Thomas and I would feel comfortable saying that I am pretty experienced in the world of mushrooms.

My nameis Thomas and I would feel comfortable saying that I am pretty experienced in the world of mushrooms. Most every time I have tripped it has been about a level two or three and things would change and distort when I looked at them for a while.

But this time was different. I picked up about a quarter from an old friend and me and me cousin P, decided we were going to eat some that night. It was about 1 in the morning when we ate them and decided to go get some cigars. We each ate an 1/8 even though my buddy suggested we only eat half that since they were blue meanies. I didn't think anything of it.

Anyways- I ate mine before him and by the time we got to the gas station I was already feeling them. We made it home and watched south park. That show was funny as shit. I was having an awesome time. P said he wan't feeling too good and decided he was going to go downstairs and try to sleep. I was having way too much fun to do anything else.

I stayed upstairs by myself and watched Premium Blend with Jim Bruher and was having the best time. Everything was moving and there was an orange highlight around the tv and the room was morphing. I stepped outside for a second andthe lake I live on was changing colors and I could hear music. I thought I am prob going to be coming down pretty soon so I went in side. To my amasement it was only 2:30. I realized I wasn't even peaking yet. I couldn't believe these shrooms. I was watching premium blend(it was on all night) and I tryed standing after I could understand anything and I fell down.

This didn't bother me at all though. I was loving how the floor felt and how everything looked from the floor. I kept on thinking about how I remember doing this before. I remember thinking and this is when P comes back. Right after I thought that he came to check on me since he heard my fall. he said it woke him and he was trippen balls and didn't like it and was going to try to go back to sleep. I told him I was having the time of my life and I didn't want to move. I put on the flaming lips and watched the room change into a place outside this world.

I decided it would be fun to go outside. by now I was peaking and I didn't even know where I was even thought it was the neighborhood I grew up in. I lit a cigar and started walking. I made it to the end and to my horror, there was a cop car on the corner. all of a sudden blue lights were everywhere. I turned and walked away and saw the lights for what felt like an hour more. He didn't turn them on I was just seeing everything in blue.

I found out when I got back that I had been out there for well over an hour. I don't remember everything that I did but I know I was having fun. I decided that it was time to go to bed even though I was still trippen hard. I got in bed and closed my eyes and started seeing shit 360 degrees around me. I was wild. I was seeing neon skeletons playing greatful dead and the bears dancing by me.

I was getting mad that I couldn't sleep and I got kinda scared so I left the room again and for some reason ened up in the bathroom. I thew up because I thought if they weren't in me then they wouldn't do anything. I know this is bullshit but since I was in that state of mind it made sense then. I couldn't sleep and everytime i tried to close my eyes I saw random stuff every where.

I was seeing rows of stop signs flying by me and SOBE bottles twisting and morphing into forever. I checked out the clock cause I thought I had been trying to get to sleep for hours. To my surprise I had been trying to get to sleep for 30 minutes. I was really pissed so I just decided to go with it and went on my porch and chilled.

After about an hour of chillun I was finally able to calm my brain enough to sneak in some sleep. The mext morning I found out my cousin had a not so good trip. He was thinking about ho bad drugs are and how he just wanted to quit trippen so that he could never do them again. I told him well i guess you'll miss out next weekend cause I had an awesome time. That was by far one of the best trips I have ever had. Lots of fun. Hope you enjoyed this. Thomas

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