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Tripin Bals at Arbys

Ok, I've tripped before mostly on lsd a couple times on shrooms, but this was by far the most insane thing I have ever felt.

Ok, I've tripped before mostly on lsd a couple times on shrooms, but this was by far the most insane thing I have ever felt. It was 5:45 pm on a saturday. My boss is an lsd dealer so I had no problem eating right before work. I put on my green Arby's shirt and black pants, went out to my car and got the tong strip (five good sized hits) of double dipped blotter acid and laid it on my tong then I opened the trunk and got out the bag of shrooms i collected. I don't know how much was there but my friend who helped me said it was between a quarter and a ahlf oz. All in all there was eight good sized shrooms and six caps. I chugged em down as fast as I could, carefull not to swallow and waste my acid. Now there are two very important things I disregarded in doing this. A) my boss Joe who sold me the acid said that even I who once ate nine hits at a party once should eat no more than three hit's. He said that these were double dipped and very strond. B) My friend who helped me collect the shrooms said that these fresh shrooms would be stronger than the dried I ate before. BIG MISTAKE. After finishing off the shrooms i started the car and drove to work. I got there a little early so me and loe went out to his car where I smoked a fat bowl of the high's out of "Jesus" Joes communal three chamber bong, and he cut up a couple lines of the coke I brought him as payment for the blotter. I had to laugh at joe as he explained that he was a recovering coke addict as he leaned down for the first line. After that I clocked in and started running on the front line. It was late on a saturday so we didn't expect many customers, Hell that's why I took this job. about an hour later at 6:15 it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was starting to feel that nice heavy feel from the acid, but it was hard to tell over the weed. Jesus had done a number on me. Anyway, that's when I looked up to see a priest standing at the register. "What the fuck!" jumped out of my mouth before I could catch myself. "Uhhhh, sorry I thought I saw something!" The priest looked pretty agitated. I tried to take his order but the colors on the register started to melt. I knew I was goona be tripping balls in a couple minutes but I could't hurry. In fact I messed up taking his order quite badly a couple of times. You know entering the wrong quantities, the wrong item, not being able to feel the keys that were now pulsing with my heartbeat in a kaliedascope pattern. I finally got all his food together. All I needed was a large curly fry. I thought I was setting his bag down on the counter, unfortunately in reality I turned my head reached out anfd dropped it on the floor. I turned around fry in hand and reeled at what I had done. "Did you do that?" I asked full well knowing it was me. "Are you on drugs asked the priest?", "ummm I need to get my manager, just a sec!". I went and told joe that I ate all the acid ( I didn't tell him about the shrooms )and that he needed to give this guys money back. Joe said something along the lines of " Your a fucking idiot!". But the words just sounded like they were in slow mo replay. I put together what he said about for minutes later. Joe easily remedied the situation, gave him his money back and offered him a free sub. Then he hauled me out into the dining room and started talking but I couldn't underastand. All I could do was stare at the carpet as it pulsed and swirled. He thrust a sponge into my hand and I finally got the impression he wanted me to wipe the tables. I said something ridiculous about the carpet and he groaned and walked away. I sat down at a table in the back, but before I could start to wipe it the fake wood grain began to flow. My eyes relaxed and then focused. This was no trick the grain was actually flowiing off the table like a waterfall. I looked around to see if anyone else could see this but there was noone there. The walls were all bending. Eventually the room took the shape of a sphere. I looked down at my jeans to see what was touching me. It was my left hand. I held it up and my fingers elongated growing very disproprtionate. So I put it down that's when I noticed the fabric of my jeans had some kind of oil like slick on them. It was a nearly transparent rainbow of blue yellow and red. I again touched my jeans with my now seemingly normal hand and they appeared to be liquid. I touched them again, and they rippled with each tactile movement. Wow, I needed to get outa here. Walking was a challenge, I probably looke dlike the hunchback. The entire horizon tilted from side to side. Objects appeared closer than they were and when I got close the streched out in front of me. Things appeared to slide soundlessly acroos the floor and walls changing position randomly. Then halfway to the bathroom the white walls began too melt revealing a red shiny plastic like background. I was getting fantastic trails. Everything appeared overexposed. I really must have screemed when the bathroom door opened suddenly just as I reached it. Because the man who had opened it had a very suprised look on his face. He was black, but his face and hands looked as if they had been dusted with white powdered make up. Almost as if he were dead or he had been wearing make up. Holy shit everything was so fucking interesting. Colors, visuals, patterns, effects. I couldn't get nough. I had to stop and stare at everything. When I finally got to the bathroom I sa tdown on the john with my pants up andn covered my face. It was wierd I could see through my hands. That's when I realized my good friend was standing next to me pissing on the toilet paper role on the wall. Again I let out a giant "WHAT THE FUCK< WHER THE FUCK< JUST FUCK!!!" what are you doing I asked, as his face morphed into a plastic looking blob. "What the fuck are you doing?" I guess he was taking a piss when I just let mself in. He had to hurry to avoid pissing on me as I sat down so he shifted to the right and finished up on the TP role. That's when I grasped the full fucked up ness of my current state. Kyle ( my friend ) drove me over to my other friend Gunner's where Me him and a guy named Gaal. Played mario cart for about six hours. I put on the gas mask bong and smoked a quarter in a half hour ( the gas mask is a two-liter gatorade bottle water bong with a HUGE bole and one hose leading to the in filter on a WWII gas mask. Yhe smoke is room temp and all you have to do is breath normally) I did this until I oassed out at about 11:00 pm. What a fucking trip. I don't recomend it for the weak of mind or the paranoid. If that had gone bad it would have been twenty hours of sheer horror trapped in your own mind. But if you can handle it do iy it's f'ing crazuy style fun.

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