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Dosage: 1/8th shrooms (second time using).

Mindset before: Excited, Suspicious, Comfortable.

Preparations: 1000mg vitamin C pill, 3 glasses orange juice.

Timing: Taken no later than 10PM.



AGE: 18.

Last night was absolutely amazing. Apart from the fact that I only got four hours of sleep, and I'm a little bit weird feeling right now, it was great. It all started when L and I got all of our things, and picked up M (the dealer) from the Arboretum. L and I went to Subway, met up with two girls we both knew, M and B, and ate our subs. After that, we met C at the Coffeeshop and started our trip to the country, to trip the night away with some kids. We got to the guy Randy's house, and all of us started eating the shrooms. I had about three glasses of orange juice to enhance the visuals. Corey, Lauren, Joe, Chris and I all decided to go on a walk, and we ended up walking for a long ass time. The mushrooms really kicked in, I saw the moon vividly, and the ground was soft like sand. I had eaten an entire eighth, which is more than I've ever done before, and I was out of my mind.
I remember this one tree looking so alone, barren, and beautiful all at the same time. It even had a face at one point, when I walked behind everyone and looked back. Everything was so natural and organic, unlike the chemical city I live in. We decided we might go into the woods, but decided to walk in the grass between the two woods instead. The grass was knee-length, and I felt like a gnome, on an infinite walk to nowhere. Lauren and I recall feeling extremely small. On the way back the grass was moving and I felt like I was walking on a floating substance, alot like water. The bushes looked enormous, and like broccoli. We went back and sat by the fire. More people got there, Rachel, Kat, Jesus, Taylor, David, Chris, CRAZYPYROCHILD, Sara and Randy.
We were all sitting by the fire when the shrooms started to kick in really really bad. The gasoline near the fire made me so nervous, the flames were enormous, and the music flipped me out really bad. Then this kid was being OBNOXIOUS with the gasoline. My eyes started watering, I got really scared, and went into Lauren's Jeep. The silence in there unnerved me so badly, that I had to get out and go inside. Upon going inside, I was greeted with the barren plantation house's sofas that had feet, and so many things, shadows, and lightplay. My eyes were probably the size of quarters. I felt my eyes, and my eyelashes to me, were certainly gone. I was utterly convinced that the fire had burnt them off. I started tripping really bad, everything was so vivid and overpowering, every noise was a nightmare.
I stared at my hands, and I had a peculiar pain in my right hand. I had gotten a splinter, and everything in my hand after that seemed to move, the wrinkles became actual lines, and the cut became something to worry about. I started thinking I was bleeding, and Lauren came inside from the fire. She was freaking out too, and we both laid down on the couches. Kat came inside, and I told her how I felt. I went to the bathroom to pee and I was absolutely terrified. The sink was oozing water from the sides of the drain, it felt as if it was coming out of the porcelain on it's own, moving. The light was so overwhelming, and everything was so purely white and sterile. I peed, and everything was such a blur. I remember the light trailing all over the place in circles. I peered into the mirror, and was absolutely terrfied. I looked unreal. Like an extraterrestrial. I got so scared. I remember not being able to decide whether or not I was alive anymore, and the concept of reality was completely hindered. I thought I had died and gone to another planet.
I remember forcing myself to close my eyes, and actually moving around the room while doing so, with no problem. Out of body experiences are common on shrooms, and I think last night, I had quite a few detachments from my physical form. (Ex: moving around the room in the house without getting up or having my eyes open). Kat removed my splinter in the bathroom, and made me feel a TON better. She got me some water and I laid down drinking it. Sara got me a bandaid for my booboo. She's such a good mommy. Lol. I laid down again and started crying for no reason. But it was a good cry. I haven't cried in three years, and it took me being out of my mind to actually do it. Rachel told me that I did indeed, have eyelashes.
Kat was rolling, so was Mike... they went to listen to music. We all went and had a cigarette outside, and I remember talking a mile a minute, then there being a complete abnormal silence, everyone staring at each other. The moon was extremely bright, and I felt a lot better. I was admiring nature for what it was, and everything was so clear to me. I stopped freaking out completely, and started having a good time. I had gotten over the bad hump, and the rest of the night was awesome.
After that, I went inside to scope out the house. I also looked into the mirror again, because normally I can handle myself the first time I look, even on shrooms. I actually like looking at myself on hallucinogens, because my first experience with shrooms prompted me to "meet myself" for the first time.I was sure the second time on this night, the image of myself would be better. I calmed down, snapped back into reality for a moment, and saw myself, not an alien. The plantation house had a TON of shit that was awesome for any person on a drug. Shrooms especially. The gigantic Donnie-Darko-esque chandelier, the spiral wooden staircase (the fucking BEST), the plants, the antique furniture. It felt like I was in a haunted house, and that the house was alive. The carpet felt like it was growing out of the floor.Every time I turned a corner, even if I had seen it before, it looked so new again. I remember everything looking like the hallway from the movie The Shining. It was absolutely amazing. The fire made me feel safe, I remember, and watching television did too. Cigarettes tasted like sex. So did water. We stayed up superlate watching a DMX movie and The Constant Gardener. I just remember not being able to sleep, and peeing about 50,000,000 times in the course of a few hours. I woke up this morning around 10 o clock with my sleeping bag and pillow. I went outside, Corey and Lauren were sitting on the back of his truck. We all talked and made conversation. Everyone was so dirty and grody, so we all hit the road and I got back home around 12. I took a shower, checked myspace, and here I am. I really liked everyone, Joe was hilarious, Kat was supernice, Mike was chill, Lauren was out of it (haha), Corey was comforting, and everyone else was so peaceful.

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