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first time: good trip

It was a boring weekend in theory, but on saturday morning we decided, on a whim, to go to camden town to see the markets and shops.

It was a boring weekend in theory, but on saturday morning we decided, on a whim, to go to camden town to see the markets and shops. We looked around a bit and my eyes kept falling on the shrooms they sell in the shops there.

I had considered trying them a few times and realised that that night would be a good time to do it. i was with my gf and her housemate L and we were staying that night at their flat, which is a nice cosy place which makes me feel very much at home. I convinced them both to do it, and asked a few questions of the seller and we decided on some "thai" shrooms (fresh). We bought 70g between us (£10 each) and went home and ate a bit more than 15g each, raw and on their own, followed by some enchiladas that we had prepared earlier.

To start with, nothing happened, but i had heard it could take a while (both K -my gf- and L had tried them before although they're from canada and i dont think they got such good shrooms over there). just as i started thinking nothing would happen i noticed a few strange patterns on the wall opposite us. soon after we were all hooting and squawking with laughter, and K was crying with laughter, almost uncontrollably. We talked all the time (we had quiet music on all the time, and later on it became a big feature of the trip, especially while the beatles lucy in the sky was on, and bob marley was something totally new, despite him being my favourite artist) and occassionally something funny or particularly significant had to be recorded. K was very insistant that everything should be recorded so we got some paper and pastels and pens and crayons and so on, and, in between drawing pictures (shrooms make u more creative... i love that), we wrote down things that we needed to remember. The weird thing we noticed after a while was that our writing was changing, not following rules like it should go in neat lines or left to right, and L's writing came out ina different font every time she started to write. One thing i wrote went round in a spiral. All the time the patterns were on all the walls and the floor and the ceiling, and every time i closed my eyes i saw neon patterns made out of simple snakelike shapes, all against black backgrounds, sometimes fractal patterns, sometimes circular or polyhedral. I wished i could draw them but didnt have the attention span for it.

The house had, by this time, become a whole world (i think this is partly why i didnt want anyone to leave -see below). The lounge was where everything was safe and normal, but there was a jungle in K's room and the bathroom was a cave, with cave paintings which moved on the walls. there was a swamp somewhere too... none of it was dangerous... more intriguing.

Our friend B couldnt be there, due to being on another continent, so we placed a box on a chair and called it B. She was present during most of the trip and seemed to enjoy herself, despite never speaking very much (at all) and being written on when we couldnt find any paper. One of the things i remember we wrote seemed like an amazing revelation, and it still seems like a very important fact that should be obvious to everyone: liquid is at the centre of all good things.

We discussed this quite extensively and loved that we were so clearly geniuses for realising this. then L wanted to go out (she was missing her bf) but we tried to persuade her not to go. she spent what seemed like hours preparing to go out, tying some new rainbow coloured shoelaces into her shoes and finding her bag, losing her bag, finding her glasses, losing them etc etc. As she was about to go out the door i said "don't go into town, have a glass of water instead" we all thought that this was hilarious. Then, losing some of my speech-capability i said "rainbow shoelaces won't protect you from dangerous". we wrote that down. anyway in the end L went out and we didnt see her for the rest of the night (although we kept a check on her via text).

Me and K then settled down for the usual stuff lovers do when high and on their own. we discovered some more good things about liquids and lucy in the sky really was a good accompaniment.

Later on in the night i remember we were standing on either side of the hatchway between the lounge and kitchen, while slowly starting to come down, and i remember K put her head through (or maybe i did) and her (my) neck extended like a dinosaur's. i enjoyed this sensation, knowing, as i had done all the way through the trip, that it wasnt real but a hallucenation, and therefore fun and not weird or scary. I played with the idea for a few seconds, my arms extending from me like snakes and so on. it wasnt a big part of the trip but it's something i remember very clearly.

After that stuff started to quiet down quite a lot. Eventually we went to bed and K said she'd never be able to sleep, while i was feeling like i could sleep on a moment's notice. She promptly fell fast asleep and then the only slightly bad part of my experience happened. i found myself falling asleep and then seeing or hearing something which would wake me up. at that point i started to feel like i would never stop tripping and that all i wanted was to sleep and i couldnt because i had had some kind of permanant brain-damage done. i knew this wasnt true and managed to convince myself of it, and tried again to sleep.

i woke up a few more times, each time with a disturbing thought or image. i only remember one of them but this is the clearest image i can remember. I could see a square landscape, made up of a grid, a bit like a computer generated film before they put the rendering in. In the top left were mountains, of a bright blue neon-ish colour, in front was something like grassland, but again in a bright neon colour, and the middle (the most clearly visualised part) was a deep magenta "sea". in the split second i saw this, a face rose up out of the sea... or rather that sea puckered up and became the face, all the while made of this grid like pattern. the face was not of anyone i know. It seemed unaware of me and impassive. there is nothing intrinsically nasty or bad about this image but the shock of it woke me up and it left me very disquieted. I lay awake for a while, calming myself down, and then finally fell asleep.

The next day everything was fabulous. we all felt like we had had a great trip and had learned a lot about ourselves and the world around ourselves.

I admit, though, after a few weeks contemplation, i dont think i know much more than i did before, except a bit about the nature of hallucenations and shrooms. the thing about liquids was an interesting revelation, and the pictures will stay with me for ever.

I really want to do it all again. i think i'd like to go for level 3 or 4. from the reports ive read about level 5 i dont want to try it. it sounds like what i would call an overdose to me. Although ego-death sounds like something wonderful, i'm not sure i could cope with it.

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