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trip with a jerk

I'm always the one on 'shrooms.

I'm always the one on 'shrooms. When everyone else is doing their own thing, alcohol...dope ect., I stay true to the 'shrooms. I pride myself greatly on handeling them and knowing just the right dose to take. This may sound a little ignorant but when I'm on mushrooms I am the smartest gril on earth, I always know whats going on. But I guess this one night my surrondings got a bit too wierd for the amount I took. Here's the story:

It's about 10 on a nice summer evening and me and 3 other friends are planning on camping out under the stars by the beach. Sounds beautiful, so I take my 'shrooms. About 3 maby even 4g's. Over the period of a couple hours we experimented with many diffrent foods containing mushrooms. I was the only one that wanted to take them so they all helped in making the foods but not in eating them, that was my department. And who am I to waste such delicious foods?

So we are walking down to the beach with the tent wich is actually my Mom's (I live not far from the beach) when one guy (whe'll call him Dude) starts to act like a real jerk. He was the new guy, none of us knew him very well.

Now because I know everything on 'shrooms I knew he was being really uncool but my other friends did not. They were all stoned.

I decide when we get down to the beach that I'd rather we just hang out tonight and go home when we need too because my Mom did not seem to happy that I was taking her brand new tent with my friends so I ventured the walk back myself. I had been feeling the normal effects now and I was happy. On the way back I brought a Bob Marly tape and when I steped out of the house into the cool air with Marly ringing out of my headphones every shadow in the night landscape began to dance intensly to the music. It was so beautiful. I took a de-tour back to the beach and had one of the greatest moments of my life danceing with the shadows. I swear to this day that I flew that night. When I got back finially to the beach I learned that Dude was still being a jerk. Screaming really loud (I live in a small town) and stuff like that. When I was setting up the candels he would kick them over and scream in my face to 'trip me out hardcore'. JERK!
My other two friends were too stoned to fully realize this, they were running aroud playing hide and seek in the bush. And thats great until they hide to leave me and Dude alone. Well the trip went down hard when they did that. Everything turned liquid and Dude would not listen to me because I'm just 'tripping out'. But I knew what I was saying. I needed him to leave me alone and be quiet so I could work this bad trip out. He kept being an idiot. So I walked out onto the road and sat to collect my thoughts. I wanted a good trip. Then the dogs started barking (I'm terriffied of dogs). The sounds echoed and seemed to come from all around me. Then I lost control. I walked back to where my three friends were now talking, looked at them and basiclly told them all where to go. My one friend took one look at my face and said "oh my god, we really scared you that bad?" I nodded as the tears started pouring down my face.
Back at my house (I made dude go home). I went through hours of just crying and rubbing my face, convinced that it was dripping into my hands. With the help of my friends I eventually got to sleep. But even to this day I still get the sesation that my skin is melting. Very, very, very creepy.
Let this story be a warning to all you first time trippers to choose the company you keep when you trip very carefully.
I was a pretty experianced tripper when this happend and I still get chills when i think about it.
trip carefully:)

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