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Trip report - Prodigy, Pachabel and P. Cubensis

The setting: This was to be my third trip into the psychedellic realm, and my largest to date; thirty fresh grams of thai p.

The setting: This was to be my third trip into the psychedellic realm, and my largest to date; thirty fresh grams of thai p. cubensis, all ingested in one go. It had been about three weeks since my last trip with five people. This had been very social as there were so many, and confusing in places because of the massive input. My plan had been to take a more relaxed trip this time around, but as the event was being planned we found a friend of mine was to be alone in his house this Friday, and more people joined the chain. In the end there were seven of us, and seven boxes of mushrooms. Four guys, two girls. This was to be my first trip with girls around, and especially since they were girls I didn’t know, I was interested. The atmosphere of this trip was totally different to the others, this was scary, exciting, wonderful and adventurous, my other trips now seem docile in comparison. Since there were so many people, so much happened that I cannot possibly describe it all, so I'll stick to events as I saw them.

T- 0:00 we begin to munch down on the shrooms, using a wide variety of condiments to mask the vile taste, honey and golden syrup amongst them. The thai shrooms taste better then the columbians, and turn out to be stronger too… After all the usual disgusted faces and the odd dodgy bit of nausea we were finished. Just before the trip we decided to "get rid of time" by putting all phones and watches in a bag and turning them off, and taking the clock off the wall, and removing batteries. It was fascinating to see how frightened people got at the prospect of time vanishing. Since time had gone, nothing from zero hour can be precisely gauged, so I will guess as best I can.

T - 0:20 - very early on the effects seemed to make themselves felt. As the first timers settled into the familiar giggling fits etc, I found myself overwhelmed. I had to move from where I was lying to a bed, I found myself nauseous and frightened as shapes began to swim in front of me. I asked the people around me to leave me alone, sparking concern which fueled my apparent downward spiral. I struggled to regain control, the shadows around me were contorting into monsters, I couldn’t fix my gaze onto anything for fear of it shifting and morphing in front of me. I do not know if this went on for seconds or hours, though I have to conclude is was not long, probably less than the length of a song. I laughed at a joke that went around and my laughter sounded dark and evil and echoey. Suddenly I was asked a question and in talking I found a direction for all the energy swirling inside me. Words fell out of my mouth and instantly I felt better.

I got up and stared at peoples pupils and faces. By now the room was dark, candlelight only, and seemed huge. I moon-walked around, stumbling crazily like a cartoon drunk to the music, talking wildly and dancing with my friends. Suddenly some noise appeared outside, two people had found a wall and sat side by side on the stairs watching the patterns. Within seconds all seven of us were sat in front of the wall, screaming and shouting excitedly. We ventured downstairs and found an empty room with a wood panelled floor and interesting wall paper. Soon three of use were lying in ecstacy on the ground, me and will were dragging our hands down the walls watching the patterns squirm all over our hands, Someone was shouting about a gremlin while someone else cried in the corner, then laughed insanely (happily). We ran back upstairs to smoke cigarettes, and decided to go outside.

This is when we really began to lose touch with reality and things become blurred. I cannot begin to describe the visuals. Everything was beautiful and sparkly and rainbows flew around me. When cars came down the road they seemed beautiful and the headlights were dazzlingly psychedellic, however a logical part of the brain soon kicked in warning that you wouldn’t want to stand in front of them for too long. I wanted to run and shout or explore or adventure or something but no oppurtunity came. At this point the groups split up. Simon wanted everyone to go inside, whereas will wanted to be outside alone with sophie. I went inside with simon and soon got very frustrated with all the people around talking and being crazy. Shaking my head and repeating "too much input" I went up the stairs.

In the room it was dark and beautiful, mystical and quiet of people (though bodies still writhed on the floor). Placebo played loudly but I barely recognized that I was a human let alone the music, I was however feeling caught in the rhythm of it, soaring with the massive bass. I didn’t have a clue how to affect anything in the room, none of it struck a spark, I didn’t recognize these human objects. I lay down on the bed and had the single most intriguing experience of my life. As soon as I lay down my physical body dissolved into nothing, and I lay being pushed around by the currents of the music. Soon I was not a human but was instead in every place in the room simultaneously. I did not notice myself breathing but the room was, there was air and fire (candles I can only assume) and massively intricate constantly shifting patterns everywhere. The walls became transparent. It was incredible, and I have no idea how long it went on for but soon simon and alice interrupted me so I went to sit with them and we started talking, laughing and trying to smoke cigarettes and change the music somehow.

We ate some parma ham and salami which tastes fascinating but despite having not eaten in hours I wasn’t hungry in the slightest. During the next few hours everyone came back and the whole group talked for hours in the true mushroom sense, deep meaningful and desperately friendly conversations about life, language, love and the universe at large. We put Pachabels canon on repeat for a long time. Me and alice lay and listened to the music looking into each others eyes for a long time, and something sexual stirred in me for the first time during a mushroom trip. We didn’t act on it, but it was very interesting and the next morning we both agreed we felt it.

Visuals continued long into the night, rainbows on faces, that odd texture skin takes on during a mushroom trip and so on. We talked and smoked weed until the early morning when an "outsider" came to wills house to see how we were doing.

In retrospect this was a fascinating and powerful trip, and reinforces the fact that for my next trip I need to go it alone and explore inside. I am very much looking forward to this. I have written this trip report to try and get some perspective on the massive amount of events, but I havn't covered half of them, and the tales from others are fascinating too… One odd thing in the aftermath is that I cant get this alice girl off of my mind, despite not knowing her at all. It should be interesting to see here again…

Peace and happy tripping

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