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trip gone bad

before i start, may i mention the only experience i have had with drugs are as follows: weed, coke, alcohol, and nitrous.

before i start, may i mention the only experience i have had with drugs are as follows: weed, coke, alcohol, and nitrous. me and my pals decided one weekend, hey why not try something new, and fun! we each chipped in $30 and got a half OZ of dried psylocybin cubenis. they were "bruised" blue to some extent, and we were told only to do a half 1/8th each, becuase they were super strong. well of course we didn't listen, and ate a full 1/8th oz each.

this is a first time for all four of us, and our main concern was the taste. my three friends threw their's into a blender with orange juice and washed 'em down. i was the only one that ate them. the taste didn't bother me, it was kinda like a sun-flower seed taste. so there we stood, four teenagers just consumed an 1/8th of shrooms for their first time. Boy, we had no idea what we were in for!

at this point we were all excited, we went for a walk around the block at about 9:30pm. we were just acting stupid, "thinking" that the shrooms were kicking in, but there really weren't yet. when we arrived back at my friend's house at about 10pm, we sat down on the road and started to feel it! this was just the beginning. my friend, we'll call him "J", started to feel sick and was waiting to puke. the rest of us were walking around the lawn, admiring objects, such as trees. Now let me tell you, these fuckers were getting big! these pine trees had to have been at least 500 feet high i thought!

at this point, we all knew we were tripping, except for "J." we then continued back into his house and down to his room, admiring the brightness of lights, and colors. "J" layed down, feeling really sick. Me and "R" thought, why did we come back inside, we were having more fun outside. So we proceeded outside, and "Jay" and "J" stayed inside.

It was now 10:20pm when we started our voyage out into "J's" backyard. The pool was fucking amazing! The light blue glow from the light comming through the water, shining like a crystal. this attracted us the most. To me, "J's" back yard looked like one huge fucking box! it was fucking gigantic!. "R" ran to one corner of the yard and it seemed like the further he went, the bigger he got! it was absolutly amazing! while we were outside, i felt pretty weird. i kinda felt like liquid. after i thought that.. i fell on the ground and started to roll all around in the wet grass. i must have looked like a jackass, but the wet grass felt sooo good! We quickly ran inside, where we were shocked to see "Jay" wearing a red shirt! this amazed us... our friend was a big glowing red thing! the brightness of a blacklight freaked us out. everything that was bright was glowing, and stood out the most.

At this point in time, 10:30pm, "J" was still lying in bed waiting to puke. I felt bad because the rest of us were having fun. we decided to turn on some music. now let me tell you, if you're gonna listen to music while on shrooms, it doesnt matter what it is, because you wont understand it. "J's" mom came downstairs with no knowledge of what we were doing. I unlocked the door, and for some reason she freaked me out.. and i flew back, hitting my head against the wall. HOLY SHIT! i was unconscience! when i finally woke up, about 10 mins later they tell me.. the first thing that popped into my mind "why the fuck am i on the floor, why is everything so weird!" my unconscience-ness made my trip skyrocket!. i was immidiately at my peak trip level. i didnt know what just happened, i didnt know how i ended up on the ground and i didnt know why my head hurt. but i still knew i ate shrooms! "J's" mom wanted to call an ambulence. we all quickly shouted no! and i told her to call my mother.

"J's" mom thought we were all drunk, and that's what she told my mom on the phone. i left "J's" house feeling horrible. I said goodbye to "R" "J" and "Jay" about 10 times, and i told them continuiously i will see them in 5 hours. (?? why? i dont know.. i was tripping!) going up the stairs was extremely facinating for me. it felt like i had to put no energy into it at all.. when i got to the top.. i thought to myself.. did i just float up those stairs? i said bye to "J's" mom and family about 5 times and sat outside on a white rock, patiently waiting for my mom to arrive. I thought to myself.. ok my mom thinks im drunk, no biggie.. i just won't mention to her anything about me hallucinating. My mom arrived at about 11:00pm, yelling at screaming at me.. while i procceeded to the car. i have to say.. her yelling at me scared the fucking shit out of me. i think this is what made my trip turn upside down.

In the car, i sat in the back seat.. listening to her yell. i felt like i was some sort of liquid.. when the car accelerated, i stuck back to the seat.. when the car turned.. my body swayed.. i felt like water. totally ignoring my mom and everything she's saying.. i thought to myself.. ok, now im scared.. when i get home im going strait to my bed.

we arrived home, i jumped out of the car, and stood on the front lawn for a second, staring at the front of my house. For some reason, it looked like a gingerbread cookie house. not with the cookie and stuff.. just the general appearance of it. My sister then opened the door and my mouth dropped! my sister looked like she was 7 feet tall! i ran inside, ignoring everybody and everything in my way.. popped off my shoes.. jumped into my bed, clothes and all.

I thought.. ok this is no fun anymore.. i need someone to look after me. i quickly called my sister in and told her that im hallucinating and i just ate shrooms. i begged her to sleep on my floor, and she did. i asked her to turn off all the lights, even my stereo light. I wanted it completely pitch black.. i did not want to see anything, i didnt wanna hear anything.. all i wanted was darkness. At this point in time i was ready to cry. this was really not fun anymore. i sat there laying in bed thinking to myself. i thought that i was gonna be like this forever. i thought that the trip would be there for as long as i lived, and i would never return to normal again. i repeadatly asked my sister.. "am i going to be ok? "is 'R' and 'J' ok?" "i asked her to promise me that it would end. right now i had no connection with reality. at this point in time, i was in my own world on my bed. everything my sister said to me didnt make sense.. i basically heard what i wanted to hear. that's why i asked her the same questions over and over again. things were finally comming together for me, and then it finally hit me.. i was completely convinced that i would be on a permanent trip for the rest of my life. i sat in bed thinking what life's gonna be like after this for me.

i glanced out of my window from my bed and looked at my neghbor's house. the outside was lit up. every curve blened in with each other to make everything rounded. nothing was square. everything was round-cornered. wierd i thought.. things started to lighten up and i thought it wouldnt be that bad tripping for the rest of my life. i could not sleep. i sat in my bed for about 4 hours. i looked at my clock, it was 4:00am. i finally felt brave because the darkness calmed me down. i got up.. and went into the bathroom. have you ever took a piss while on shrooms? it was the most incredible feeling ever! i then ontinued to brush my teeth. my mirror looked like one of those circus mirrors that distorts everything. i looked FUCKED UP! i went into the kitchen to get a drink, then sat at my dinner table. at this point in time, i actually felt the trip going away. By 5:00am, it was over. I felt normal. I was happy that it ended. I then procceeded to punch myself in the face for all the shit i just put myself through. i went to bed, and woke up te next morning with the biggest headache from hitting my head on the wall at "J's" house. "Jay" and "R" called me, they slept over "J's" house. Im sure you all know what a hangover feels like. Times a drunk hangover by 100 and you'll feel what i felt that morning.

My conclusion: dont ever fucking do shrooms again. its just my opinion.. because i obviously had a horrible trip. I guess the setting has alot to do with how your trip goes. your mother screaming and cursing at you while you're at your peak of the trip certainly doesnt help one bit. Hopefully the next time i do shrooms, if ever... the setting will be more relaxed, and i wont eat as much. I have to rate this trip at a 3-4 because of the intesne visualations and a slight loss of reality. for now i'll just stick with my mary jane, and stay away from shrooms until next summer. thanx for reading my story, i hope you learned something.

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