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tricked by my friends


HI. i went camp this weekend, what an expirience! well first of all we went up to the lake. me and 4 other friends. we had a bunch of mushrooms and chocolates. i was only planing on tiping a bit more than half an 1/8 . so i ate what i was planing on. than my friends grinded up some more and put them in my cerial! i ouldnt taste a thing either. so i wasnt felling anything yet, than they gave me a chocolate. by that time i was starting to feel the affects. so i was a bit confused. so with out remembering that we had brought chocolates with shrooms in them i ate it up in a second they were laughing when i ate it, i thought they were laughing cuz they ate some shrooms as well. about 8:00 pm ( about an hour into the consumtion) we were walking around the lake. than everything hit me. i was starting to see what i never thought i would see in my life, the hills and lake and everything were moving like crazy, i could not tell what was real or not. so i just said to myself..." its just the shrooms" than as we were walking around the lake it got completly dark. by this time i was peaking. i was so happy and laughing everything was morphing and changing from its origional forms. but i was still not at my peak. so as we walked one of my friends went into this cave that was by the lake. i thought it was a house or something, so i went up to my friends saying not to go in . but hes looking at me like what r u talking about so he went in i was scared that the "house" and the ppl inside it would call the cops so i ran. i felt like i was a bird just flying throught the air. than out of no where... a fellow camper was walking along the lake (what by the way looked like a huge lava pit or something) with his do. it frightened me because the man looked like a walking tree and kept changing form like to rocks and stuff and the dog looked like a huge bear so i just ran. and as i lookw=ed back this guy started oming after me to see what was wrong with me. so when i got bac to the camp sight my friends were there. i was terribly confused wondering how they got there before me. and they said i went the complete oposit way if the camp sight and some camper turned me around to this direction. and i was like "u mean the treee and stuff and bear??!?!?!" and they were thinking i was crazy. so than i was like " you guys , why am i freaking out and why am i triping to hard?" and they said dont u remember? u ate that chocolate. and i started laughing my ass of thinking about the second i ate it. there is much more to this story i didnt completely add ( like the things i saw and stuff) but i let u know most of it. by the way i got very sick from eating that many muchroom and almost had to go to the hospital, but this was all the time i had to write this so i must be leaving now.

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