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Trees are our friends.

10 shrooms.

10 shrooms. Eaten over half an hour. I like to think I know what to expect when I trip; so was confident about shrooming alone in the english countryside... I suggest a google to see pics of South Western English countryside!

I set out from home with a clear mind, a mobile phone, a bottle of water and some friendly mushrooms. I had walked the area the previous day and was confident I had found a good spot in a secluded field right on top of a hill. The sun was shining and I was ready to be amazed so I munched as I walked, leaving two 'saftey' shroom to eat at my destination (these are the difference between a lvl 3 and 4.5 trip for me). This was the first time i'd shroomed in the countryside and a friends discriptions had filled me with high hopes!

I reached my destination as the first shrooms began to kick in. After trying to settle down in the long grass for twenty minutes I was still feeling uneasy with the location, it wasn't good enough, I found out why later. I ate the saftey and mushrooms gathered myself up and began walking again.

The trip became noticeable as I walked. The long golden grass began turning toward me to watch as I made my way along deep green hedge rows which wispered my arival to the insects. Birds flying above caried the message of my arival ahead of me, yet I was still unsure where I was going! Crossing a final field and down round a hedge I found the view I knew I was looking for.

Steping into a new field the sharp downward curve of the hill obscured any link with the patchwork landscape of summer fields and trees rolling to the horizon below. Large clouds rest in the sky, casting a camoflage of light and dark across the world below. I instantly thaught it - I couldn't stop myself, I felt like a god (Or adam) looking over my creation from my own eden, nestled in the clouds.

The view, combined with that divine thaught and emotion hit me like a tidal wave. I sad down heavily but the ground was soft, or I didn't feel it. After some time of simply enjoying the view and the new feeling of godlines the wind started to pick up, a timely reminder I didn't control everything! The cold made me shiver. A short distance back from the donward arch of the hill sat a very big, very old and weatherbeaten chesnut tree.

I made my way under its branches which were singing the same notes as the other trees in the distance. I sat down and gently rested against the thick trunk and my shivers stoped instantly. I've found I can stop them with meditation during mushroom trips but nothing as simply as just touching a tree. I turned to look at its bark and found myself trying to conjour wize old faces in its wrinkles, but nothing apeared. I now supose it wouldn't cheapen the experience with a simple Halucination. I felt an indescribable emotional link with the tree, the wind was furious beyond the branches but they curved inward to ward it from me.

I closed my eyes to see 3d tunnel shaped visuals and a very clear sight of something coming forward and offering something to me. I lost track of time while siting under the tree in my eden as the mushrooms gently drifted away over the next two hours.

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