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Trees are alive!!!

One year my friends and I decided to go up to Big Bear(California) to go snowboarding.

One year my friends and I decided to go up to Big Bear(California) to go snowboarding. But when we got there the slopes had fake snow and and the conditions were really bad for snowboarding so we didn't end up going. So we figured it would be a great day to take a hike in the woods. So we chewed on some shrooms and sucked them down with a beer. I always gag a few times before I can get them down but I wouldn't dare throw up,some people say that just intensifies the effect of shrooms.

So anyway it took about 15-20 minutes for the shrooms to kick in.And while we were walking through the woods I came upon this huge old tree that looked like it was either dead or on it's way there. It was the only tree around that didn't have a single leaf on it. It was totally bare. And as I looked up at it the wind started to blow and all the branches started to sway. I had never seen a tree move and sway like that so I decided to lay down on some pine needles and watch this tree. I was oblivious to what was going on around me. And as I layed there it started to call my name,but not in a spooky way but in a soothing whispery way. And all of the sudden bright green leaves started popping out everywhere. And the tree started to chant "I will grow, I will grow". And I could hear the wind blowing through this tree. I was in awe, and being in this trees present felt so good and the only thing I could manage to say was " You are beautiful". And after a few minutes the tree went bare again. And my friend came up to me and said "Didn't you hear us we've been calling you for 10 minutes but I didn't hear them. And I had told them " See that dead old tree right there? It grew leaves for me. Now everytime I see a tree I take the time to realize that it's alive.

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