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Tray In Wonderland

Hey everyone!

Hey everyone! My name is Tray. I am a 22 year old female in Spokane Washington.

I had never taken shrooms before but always wanted to. My cousin Mike and I finally decided to do it. So, we bought two chocolates each. Anyway, we cleaned up our apartment, got in comfortable clothes made sure we removed our necklaces and anything irritating. We got the chocolates from our other cousin, Marie, and she had told us to do all of that.

Anyway, we ate them and all was good. We started to watch Finding Nemo because it has really bright colours and Marie said that she found kiddy cartoons to be mind boggling for her. About a half hour after we ate them nothing was really happening. However, my neck muscles were burning and because I hadn’t eaten anything else for a while my stomach was sort of burning also. A little bit after that my back started to hurt so I lay down on the ground in front of the television. I started to find it hard to concentrate on the movie and found myself looking around the room. However nothing weird was happening yet.

Mike was getting pissed because nothing was happening yet. We decided to start the movie over again so that we could start trippin’ at the beginning of it. About four minutes into the movie after we restarted it I noticed the carpet looked funny. It looked like one of those 3D picture that you stare at for a while until you see the picture within the pattern. I started laughing and getting all goofy. I went into the bathroom and while on the toilet was looking at the wall. The texture on the wall looked like it was melting off. I was like “holy shit! That is awesome!” Then I started busting up laughing again. When I came out of the bathroom Mike was on the phone with Marie asking her how long it takes before you start tripping out because he was normal and I was already seeing shit. After he was reassured by Marie that any time he would start hallucinating we sat on the floor watching television. Well, he was. I was busy looking at the carpets and walls watching them become 3D and melt.

I assumed that’s how it was going to be the whole time, just random things doing weird shit. I was so wrong. Soon, Mike started seeing stuff also and the walls and doors for me were bulging from the door frames. A little bit after that it went full blown for me. The candles and trippy lights that we had on were throwing awesome colours onto the walls. The two palm tree like plants we had became alive and started dancing. The entertainment center was like its own living thing. The fabric on the couches started to crawl. I noticed that when I touched stuff it felt so incredibly good. The textures were so intense. I started to feel my hair and it felt like it would stretch like gum does. Very weird.

I went into the bathroom again because for some reason it was awesome in there. So many things to look at. I was sitting on the toilet because I couldn’t stand without staggering. I was looking all over and when I finally looked in the mirror I was shocked. I literally looked like my face was melting off but then it would snap back into focus and then start doing this weird twisting effect. I went and got Mike and we both stayed in the bathroom trippin’ out. Later when we were back in the main room of our apartment I found this odd fascination with my tongue. Lets just say it was doing weird things and felt funny when I touched it with my fingers. Then I started hearing warped noises. Cars would go by on the freeway and the noises they would make were creepily bizarre. It was awesome though. I would then make funny noises with my mouth it sounded pretty cool.

I noticed that I was feeling every emotion at once and I could almost randomly pick that feeling and I would become that. Colours seemed to change my mood as well. Bright colours were making me happy and darker intense ones were making me paranoid. I was never scared though. Feelings were changing my moods also. I was feeling my bath towel and because it was bright turquoise and fuzzy. I got this cuddly sensation and got really happy. I even found myself putting part of my towel in my mouth and chewing on it. It felt so good and strange that I even got Mike to do it too. We were laughing so hard.

We later decided to go on a walk around our apartment complex outside. It was a freaky wonderland, I loved it. It was like it was straight from the mind of Tim Burton. I found that I loved the feel of water, the sprinklers were on and there were puddles. I took off my shoes and felt awesome things with my toes and feet. Mike got a little bit creeped out so we went back in. A little bit later I literally went out of my mind that was the only way to describe it. I was feeling things and saying things that were totally opposite from how I normally am. It was great though, I loved it. However, not long after that Mike got sick and puked and I freaked out. I started crying and didn’t know what to do. However, I went into mother mode and helped clean up the mess and put the bathroom rug in the washing machine, really weird considering I was fried on shrooms.

Anyway, Mike needed to be done with the whole thing so he went into his room. I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to be happy again like I was before but felt like I couldn’t because he wasn’t happy. It was really strange because I knew that all I had to do was be told to be happy and I would have been. It was the strangest thing and I don’t know how to describe it. Mike was still trippin’ and came back out of his room because he didn’t want to be alone either. Because he puked and he had eaten something before we ate the shrooms he started to come down before me. So, we sat on our couches and we talked each other down from our trip. As a whole it was an awesome experience. I absolutely loved it. I will definitely do it again!

I have to say that even though I did get paranoid and felt creepy and scared at times that I was never actually scared. I liked how I felt. I even got sweaty and hot and normally don’t like that but I remember even telling Mike that I felt hot and sticky but liked it a lot. I noticed that I didn’t really feel pain. I bit my finger and noticed that I could have bit it really hard and it wouldn’t have hurt. That sort of scared me a little. I even stuck my finger in the flame of a candle for a long time and didn’t feel anything. We live on the third floor of our building and when I was climbing the stairs and got onto the landing between the second and third floor I almost fell over the side. I caught myself but continued to look over the edge and for a split second I almost decided to jump off. Not good! That scared me also. So definitely make sure that you are with someone. You can find yourself doing things completely out of character.

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