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Transcending reality

Me and 4 friends went surfing, and decided it might be fun to trip on the beach.

Me and 4 friends went surfing, and decided it might be fun to trip on the beach. This would be my fourth time tripping, and all my previous experiences had been great. We had bought somewhere between 18 and 20 grams of dried shrooms before our departure, and left for the beach at 11:00 p.m. We had planned on taking the shrooms the next night, but decided upon arrival at the beach at 3 a.m. to ingest them immediately. I ate a little over 4 grams and smoked several bowls of some great kind bud. It started to kick in almost immediately, first the increased detail, followed by the inquisitive thoughts regarding reality, humanity, and the universe. About 4 a.m., lightning appeared on the horizon, so we watched the lightning show from a lifeguard tower. This is when everything went wrong. It started raining, and we had planned to sleep on the beach that night. We walked to the end of the pier, the waves were rolling and rising and dying below us, the rain was every where. I wasn't sure if we were still on earth, there was no sign of land, we were too far away from the shore. Would I ever get back?? The rain became painful, stinging into our arms and necks. We decide to go seek shelter somewhere, but where??? We walked back towards shore and found shelter behind a wall. There was a man there who had been fishing, he had a sting ray in a large white bucket, his son had caught it. the sting ray was flopping around, trying to free itself from this short, bow legged man with a southern accent so strong, I wasn't sure if he was even speaking english. The only phrase I finally comprehended was "those hurricanes." Hurricanes???? Oh, no, are we going to get stuck in a hurricane??? I was soaked, the water dripping down my face felt like I was melting, I was dehydrated, but I couldn't quite grasp the concept of dehydration, I was busy thinking about infinity. Is there such a thing? I began to lose control. The rain was persistent, we got into the car, and listened to some music. We were all cold and wet, and tripping balls. I couldn't handle the claustrophobia of the car, so I stepped back out into the pouring rain. I found myself on my knees, throwing up. The ocean seemed to extend out forever. Did it ever end? The sand was flowing like a river, the beach looking so barren. I lost touch with where I was, I closed my eyes and was swept into a land of moving hills, flowers, escalating vividly colored mushshrooms, was this my reality? I can't remember what reality is like. This rain is going to melt all my skin off. My nose, by this time is filled with mucous, and is running everywhere. I put my hand up to my nose and feel something. Oh my god, my brain is dripping out my nose. Am I going to die? If I die tonight, I guess that would be ok, at least eternity will thrive. Some one is speaking to me, but I can't move. I go back to the car and smoke another bowl, maybe that will calm me down. I decide to fight the claustrophobia of being in the car.....better than the rain. I hear myself talking. Someone says, "we are all having conversations with ourselves, we're not making any sense." I try to fix the problem. I can't do it. No one can hold a logical conversation. We all just continue to ramble to ourselves, watching the rain come down in sheets, my brain still dripping out my nose, my finger tips morphing and swelling, waving around in front of me. I touch my friends arm, and my finger tips melt into it. I was kept wondering if I would survive the night, how much of my brain would be left after it finished dripping out my nose. Would I be alive at all? Is this what reality is like? I can't even remember. The rain had subsided by the next morning, and I felt as if I'd just taken the longest journey of my life. I have tripped only once since then, I was rather afraid to try it again, but I didn't have any problem the next time I did it. Atmosphere and surroundings can certainly make or break your trip, and I beleive this was certainly the worst atmosphere I've ever had to trip in.

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