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Trains, Plains,Cars.

Well it all started last night when my buddies and I decided to break off the reality check of school friday afternoon.

Well it all started last night when my buddies and I decided to break off the reality check of school friday afternoon. Right after school two girls were supposed to fight so we went out blazed a joint and came back to my house, where we talked to our fellow shroomer and decided tonight was going to be a fungus night. Around 7:00 pm, we picked up our little freinds in a baggy, went to a friends house, and munched like mad men. We began walking around and by the time we hooked up with our crew we were buzzing pretty good. We decided to pull some missions, which means a whole bunch of stoned/drunk/trpping small town boys doing some really funny shit. We have a local resevoir that requires a bridge to get accross, well it isn't there any more. Then we proceeded down our local streets with the ground now glowing from the glare of the snow we disengaged the crew and walked down the train tracks. My fellow tripper and I (shroomz_23) decided it would be a good idea for him to jump on top of the train. Now, since I had to catch him on the way down, I was on the bottom, now I am not sure if you have ever seen on of those commuter trains, but they are twice the height of a subway train. There was no latter down, he did a 10 point dive ass first straight onto a nice soft piece of tarmac.We rolled aorund for 15 minutes laughing our asses off. The lights now, were purple and our local renta cop was hasseling us as usual. We walked behind basically bagels and there happened to be 48" lights( flourescent ), they looked like light sabres to us, so we proceeded to fight with them. This was really trippy. My friend and I hid behind a dumpster and threw them at cars, because we were hunters, killing cattle. Since we are only 16 we have no car, it was all walking which was difficult. We again went on missions with our crew, we happened to come accross someones fence posts, so we rolled them down a hill, the guys was pissed and thought he would be tough and try and rough house with us. He drove up in his volvo family station wagon, as we continued to yell things like,NARC!, SuCK MY COCK!, and so forth, he kept saying, do you get me, we couldn't hear what he was saying in the first place so he drove off, and picked up his poles, he did call the police, it was great. We then sat down and drank our 40 oz of bull piss (beer up here b-40) Then walked home, all in all it was a great night. Oh yeah, shroomz make us go to the bathroom a lot, the Banks corridor seemed like a good place, it was warm, so we went.

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