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totally awesome

Well, this trip was from 6 weeks ago, but I didnt want it to wright it right after it becouse it took me some time to remember all the parts.

Well, this trip was from 6 weeks ago, but I didnt want it to wright it right after it becouse it took me some time to remember all the parts. But now I'm gonna write it.

Me and 2 good friends, Steven and Luuk, had been planning for some months to take shrooms. We all handnt tripped at all before and we only had experience with weed and alcohol.
The day before the trip there was another friend, Robbert, who wanted to trip with us and we where fine with that, he had tripped a few times before so that was also handy.
On friday october 27 the day was finally there. We had all one portion (3 grams) of dried psilocybe cubensis. We planned on eating the shrooms around 19:00. But when the time was finally there, Luuk called and brought the bad news he couldnt come and trip becous he had to be home before 23:00 if he would come. Then Steven got some problems with his girlfriend who didnt want him to trip and it almost seemed we wouldnt trip at all.

Me and robbert still wanted to trip and steven was fine with that so finally, at about 19:40 we started to eat the shrooms and really didnt taste that bad. I only ate about half in the beginning. After 15 minutes, steven changed his mind and also started eating.
Some moodswings, mostly happiness started to kick in very fast and I started to laugh at some things. After about a half hour we ate the rest. I planned not to smoke weed during the trip, but eventually I didnt care and smoked some weed and it was great.

It seemed that only 15 minutes had passed since eating the shrooms, but when I checked the time it was already 20:46, and at that time the shrooms started to really kick in. I watched the time for a few minutes, becouse I knew time would be totally different in a trip, and it was. It seemed from 20:46 till about 20:50 that every minute lasted about 15 minutes, and this was really crasy.
It was obvious that I was, already, tripping the hardest of us, becouse the other were just talking and just beeing normal. somewhere around 21:00 I started to experience even more weird shit. The room started to get bigger and breathe and was also seperated in 2 parts. I was sitting in the right corner in a really nice big chair (since the trip it had been my favorite chair in that room) and left of me their where my 2 friend and right the cd player. It was also dark on the right side. Right was the 'evil' side of the room, and left was the the good side.
I heard the bad news that some other people where coming, stevens girlfriend and two other friends. I didnt like this becouse I knew this was going to ruin the trip.

When I was already nicely trippin I didnt knew anymore how to eat, and I chewed for at least 5 minutes on a piece of bread, and didnt even knew how to eat some candy. We had some really nice music on, Mortiis, Air and some other stuff. Very realaxing. My thoughts were getting fucked up. Some evil force was pulling me in this insanity from the right corner behind me. I tried to fight it but everything was just getting more fucked up. I got scared of it becouse nothing helped and this just made it worse. When I finally found out what it was, it was getting irritating.
I was repeatedly thinking that I was thinking the same things all the time. This kept on a long time. I was saying to robbert that I was thinking in cirkels, and he said that I had to think in a line. This seemed to work, but then I got the fear that I would think in cirkles again and I did. Than I asked to robbert what to do, and he said to think in a line. This seemed to work but then I was afraid to think in cirkels again, and I did.
There was some development in my thoughts, becouse eventually, I didnt asked robbert what to do, I knew, but it never worked.

At 22:45 the friends finally dropped by. I was totally crazy at that time and I could in no way communicate with them. I tried to ask reinier, who had tripped one time in his life, if my trip was right, but he didnt understand me at all. and I tried it another few times.
I went to the bathroom to drink and enjoy some water, and ended looking in the mirror for several minuts admirering my eyes. They looked so beautifull. But then steven came to check what I was doing so I went back to the room.
Reinier is a big black metal fan (so am I), but this wasnt good at the time. He wanted to put on hard cds, and that wasnt nice. Steven was not tripping really hard, and he had put on the hardes cd he had. Me and robberd didnt like this at all. Everything started vibrating (actually, I started to shake, I heard later).
It was way to busy in the room so me and robbert went outside. I tried to talk to robbert, but this didnt work. I said several times I was going inside again, but I changed my mind all the time. Eventually I went back inside, and robbert also. When we were back inside, steven and the rest went to the snackbar, and me and robbert were left alone. This is where the peak started.

My mind was just totally going insane here, I had forgotten everything, I didnt knew anymore how to think, it was as if I was in an other dimension. Everything looked pretty normal, but my mind didnt understand anything anymore. I didnt knew anymore what I had done.
When I finally knew I had eaten shrooms, I wondered why the hell I had taken them, and when I finally figured that out, I thougt I had gone permently insane from them and I never got out of them since it was already about 23:30. I started to think about why I thought I got insane. I started to think about how normal people think and I totally didnt understand it.
I thought about how peoples thoughts are only infuenced about how they think how other peoply think and say and that that is also only influenced by other thoughts and so on. I tried to understand stand the normal thinking and normal life, but I just didnt understand it. There was just no reason for anything in life anymore.
I started to hate time, becouse that was all I had. I knew time was my only savior. I wanted the trip to end, but I just had to wait till it was over, and that took time, but time didnt really excist.
I just didnt understand anything anymore from this world.

Finally steven and the others came back from the snackbar. The none trippers left. Now me, steven and robbert were alone again. The peak had finally came to an end, and the trip was slowly coming down. I started to understand everything and I enjoyed every moment of it.
We went outside to the nearby lake and sat down on a bench in heavy wind and rain we enjoyed the sight and the end of the trip and where talking about shit but didnt listen at all to each other.
We got back inside and talked about the trip and how great and special this experience was. We smoked some joints and everthing got normal again, wich I didnt really like becouse the last part had been so great. Around 3:00 robbert left. I stayed and after we smoked the last joint steven and I went sleeping.

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