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tool rules on shrooms

alright here goes.

alright here goes...it all started about 10 oclock at night when i had just gotten off work and went to my friend "c"'s house where there was like 15 people playing poker and like 4-5 of the guys were doing yayo and smoking reefer. a guy that my friend c knew from work said he had some sweet shrooms i was like lets do them tonight. i had done shrooms and researched enough to understand how to control my trip completely but neways so after he went to his house to get these delicous treats he came back with an ounce for 3 peoples he split it up mainly between me and him so i got 6 he got 6 and the other guy got 2 he also brough the tool salival music dvd which is wierd as shit sober but before this night i had never seen it we ate the shrooms and 20 min later i was already seeing full visuals like one bush looked like a huge tree and i went inside after doing alittle exploring and then we started to watch the video when it finished an hour or so later we were full on in the trip and having a blast well me and my friend chris the guy who took 2 were laying in the backyard just watching stuff at night then i decided to close my eyes and when i did i felt as if millions of spiders were crawling all over me. i got up and ran into the house and then i went from pure xtc to hell i felt like i was in the video we had watched and i was talking to all the things in that video but my sober friends said i was having conversations with them i didnt think so all of the sudden puking was coming so i ran to the bathroom and started that stuff and all i saw was the third eye from the tool videos neway i left that house cause i was having what i thought was a bad trip at the time well i started thinking my way out of the death trap and turned my trip in a 360 in terms of my trip it was beautiful i thought i was driving up a rainbow on this street i was on it was so cool and then i smoked a poop load of weed and past out i now have painic attacks and am scared of the dark because of that night but i love shrooms and i will always do them on occasions i can actually say shrooms change me so try and get that tool video salival and sit at home at night by yourself and turn the surrond sound on really loud and start watching it youll have a blast just remember you can think your way out of a bad shroom trip!!! shrooms rule

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