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Too Put Forth

Yes indeed!

Yes indeed! Time is the killer that reaps everything and everyone as its sickle cuts down all that once was and ever wanted to be. 5 of us has taken a level 4 trip which should last us the rest of the eve after Christmas day till morning. I thought, "live" spelled backward is spelled evil!!! Just a thought, a christmas tree(a symbol)is still being used as a symbol of sacrifice for those who believe - hmmmm....

The smiles of my companions behind my back deeply sink into the recesses of my inner as I post this. Well, first of all retaliation is salvation but lacks in fullfillment as this report ages on........eyes reflect the life that reflects each other of everyone in indiscreet humbleness that boastshigh breeding. Our strife, our struggle but a farce' that tinkles into the nothingness of our selfish happiness which may serve as a pick up that radiates the aura of friendship.

I shiver as this trip progresses into a life of its own into the many eyes of warmth, understanding, doubt, hate, and remembrence as it slowly fades back to the BLUR that i would most gladly release as NOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!

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