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Too Much Time (long)

This was the second time I ate mushrooms.

This was the second time I ate mushrooms. I was with 2 of my friends who had not eaten them before. We bought a quarter and divided it up 3 ways, and ate them soon after.

About 30 minutes later we had not felt anything, I knew we would begin to catch soon but my impatient friends decided to smoke a bowl to pass some time.

After we got back in the house, my friends began noticing weird things like pupil dilations and stuff, I hadn't begun to feel anything but a little nausea. 20 minutes later we are all in his basement laughing our asses off like we had just gotten high for the first time. His wallpaper in this room was solid vertical green and white lines and I saw eye-like shapes, as did both my friends.

We were having the best time with these 2 massive stuffed tigers that looked pretty scary, but we were just laughing at them.

We finally got restless and decided to put on some Pink Floyd. We agreed Dark Side Of The Moon would be an excellent choice. There are 3 couches in my friends living room so we each took one and laid down as the music started. The ceiling was stipple and all the little shadows were moving like a colony of ants. As the heartbeat from the stereo beat through the air all 3 of us let out a mellow "woah".

As the music continued my trip intensity began to skyrocket with bright colours and way different hallucinations than my last trip (level 2). The music had taken control of my trip and I felt like I had something to accomplish but couldn't remember what it was.

I started to worry for no reason at all and my stomach felt like shit. I told myself there was nothing to worry about and tried to smile and laugh with my buddies who were still having the time of their lives. I had sat up and was still enveloped by the music. I was looking at my friend, sitting in a chair in the corner now. As I stared it seemed the wall was melting and I began to see 3 of him, all 3 "him"s were slowly falling into the floor. I yelled "You're melting!" but he didn't seem to hear me.

After a long pause, the chimes at the start of Time took me by surprise and every colour I was seeing went inverse during the moment of shock. This was far too extreme for me and my stomach turned, I stood up and walked to my friends bathroom, telling them I was fine.

I kneeled in front of the toilet and hurled some crap into the toilet. To my surprise a small mushroom, cap and stem intact had made the journey and was floating in the toilet. I stared at it for about 5 minutes imagining its entire existence from growth to this regurgitation.

My stomach felt a hell of a lot better but I was still worried sick about nothing. My trip started to get even more intense, and like an idiot I was scared and tried fighting it because I couldn't stand it. The wallpaper in my friends bathroom was an intricate design of pink flowers but when I looked at them this time they grew teeth and seemed like dragons were trying to rip through the wallpaper. I told myself that it wasn't really happening but it still scared me.

The Great Gig in The Sky was on now and it felt like my brain was being beaten up. I was holding on to a small towel saying "I'm alive, I'm alive" to remind myself that outside my body everything was still the same as it was before I ate these mushrooms and that I would get through this no matter what. After what seemed like an hour or two in the bathroom I was mobile again and could understand where I was. I yelled to my friend and asked him what time it was.

11:30pm he said. We had eaten these mushrooms at 9:45pm. I couldn't believe it. I thought it was at least 1:00am. I stood up and walked downstairs to find my friends in his bedroom. They greeted me with joy as I returned to their world. We were shooting the shit about the world and checking out interesting patterns on bedsheets and whatnot when I felt my trip escalating again. I have read about trips coming in waves that get more intense as they come along.

This scared me because I thought I had made it through hell and back. When I felt the worried feeling again, I found myself back in the bathroom lying on the floor, holding the same small towel as before. I was scurrying around the floor trying to get away from everything, but when I ran away from one thing, another would be near me. I gave up and decided to let this trip do whatever it wanted to me.

I was lying on the floor, listening to a conversation between my other two friends. I couldn't make out what they were saying, it sounded like they didn't have any tongues. I put my hand under my head because my head hurt from resting on the hard floor. As i rested my head on my hand it didn't stop, my head had merged with my hand and my whole body felt numb. I found myself not able to move and upon closing my eyes I was flying through a tunnel lined with different geometric shapes. I was pretty disturbed but couldn't think straight enough to be scared or worried.

During this time I began to hear sounds that I knew weren't real but felt like they were coming from within my body rather than into my ears. Repetitive B sounds like "buh buh buh" rang through my head. After an indefinite amount of time i sat up and saw the same toilet i had puked into earlier. i backed away into the corner and was staring at both my legs.

I began to evaluate my life and had some mild symptoms of egodeath. i was ashamed of what i had done and what kind of person i was. I thought about the real world and new i had to work the next day. I thought about what I would be thinking about once i was finished with this trip. After some time I finally rose to my feet to join my friends again.

I walked downstairs, and one of my friends was lying on the couch and told me he couldnt get up, he didnt want to move at all or think about anything. I knew he was probably tripping out as bad as i was.

My other friend, who was having a great time sat upstairs with me as we tried to discuss the world and what the hell was going on. I was still really fucked up but nothing compared to what I felt like in the bathroom. I looked at the clock and it was 12:40am. I told my friend that the clock just wasn't moving. He said "Man, its weird because through our eyes everything but the clock is moving, but in reality, the clock is the only thing that is moving."

That made me feel great. I got some cereal and tried to eat a huge bowl but just couldn't do it because it got too soggy near the end. I new I was on the comedown but time was still really slow and the ceiling was still cluttered with ants.

Not much more happened that night but getting to sleep was very very difficult.

Thanks for reading this report, I know it was pretty long.

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