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Too Much (real one)

I've done my share of mild drugs.

I've done my share of mild drugs. You know Hash, Oil, Weed, booze.
But nothing could have prepared me for mushrooms.
But it wasn't just mushrooms, I was drunk and smoked up off some quality bud that night also.

It started at about 8:00 a my friend's house. His mother was out of town so his younger sister was having a party so my friend decided to have a few friends over too just to be an asshole to his sister.

So when I heard Ben was coming over I decided to do some mushrooms.
He had just purchaced a half pound the weekend before and I want to see want this whole fuss was about.
Some friends of mine had called his shrooms the best they'd ever done, and they are are real mushroom freaks.
Ben was even being an asshole and overcharging people after they heard how good the shrooms were.

Anyway so I decided to do 4 grams to be hardcore since I getting them for free anyway. At 8:30 I munched them down with some beer.
What I've neglected to mention is that I had already drank 2 an 1/2 tallboys and had 3 more left.
So in 15 minutes after the initial injestion of the mushrooms I start to feel really drunk and my vision goes "foggy"
I decided to go to my friend's room where he has a blue light, not a black light but a blue tinted one.
I sat down on his bed and listened to some fatboy slim MP3s coming from his computer and just stared at the slightly shiny sleeping bag.
It started to form into a face and began to talk to me in a language that I didn't understand, in fact it sounded like a mix between french, english, spanish and italian all of which I am fluent in which is strange for your average canadian teenager.

I was getting really triped out when I decide to go watch a program called geiss that moves with the music on your computer.
I felt like I was flying through space at the speed of light. the computer monitor was the front of the ship, the keyboard was the controls.

After what felt like hours I went dows stairs to socialize. The time was only 9:30!

I sat down at a wooden table where people were drinking and I realized that the table wasn't actually a table but some sort ofelven shrine that moves when you look at it. Characters from the old nintendo zelda games started apearing in the wood grain.

I looked at the walls which appeared to be flowing like an ocean.

Then came the strange sounds. I heard a springy sound that came from nowhere and all of a sudden a big spring came hoping through the room.
Then I heard the telephone operator that sounded as if she was on a loud speaker negotiating with a hostage take.
"Please hang up and try your call again" was being shouted.
Time for more beer.

I finished my beer by 11:00 and was still triping out preety hard.

Ben and about 3 others went to smoke some bowls out of the coolest bong I had ever seen.
I had to join them. Each hit I took made my fingers ooze into the bong itself. Then I felt like the bong was alive and was a little person.
It was breathing. After about an 1/4 was smoked between 5-6 people I could only stare at things.

Everything seemed to move incredibly fast now. Time had accelarated, I felt like I was aging slower than everyone.

Everyone was pretty drunk or cooked or a combination of the 2(or 3 in my case) so we ordered a huge pizza.

I ate it but it felt like it was trying to eat me back, so I threw it out the window.

That was the most fucked that I've ever been and have laid off of drugs a bit since then.
It was preety cool though, towards the end I started questioning reality and how perceive things not one was interested.
They all wanted to watch some stupid movie.

It was a cool night. I will do it again but now very often.


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