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First time.. intense

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After smoking up all summer, I figured that it was about time I did shrooms. So, I call up a friend of mine who goes to school 45 minutes away in Hamilton (I live in Toronto) and tell him he should come down on the weekend and bring some shrooms because I'm ready for it. He tells me he can't make it because he has to work. Fuck. So, I call up another friend who also lives in Hamilton and tell him that he should come down and bring some shrooms. He also tells me he can't make it. Shit. But! He tells me he could make it for that night! I think, I don't have class tomorrow until 3, so why not? I tell my roomate that we're going to be doing shrooms tonight and he gets all excited (he'd only done them once before only did about 0.5 grams). I call up my bro who also lives in TO and he heads over to my place (he's never done them either). So, by 9:30 that night, the four of us (let's say me, my bro, my roomate and "T") are all at my place and ready to go. T had brought with him 7.1 grams, enough so that we can all do about 1.75 grams. He hurriedly gobble them up and go into my room and start listening to the Chemical Brothers on my computer. In about half an hour, I start feeling a little giddy. T says "Shit, guys, this is already hitting me!" He starts laughing and then my bro & roomate also start giggling. I'm not feeling it too much, but I know that we got some time until I start freaking out. T suggests that we go to my brother's place (a university residence) and smoke some weed. We all agree. He start walking over and along the way everything looks real weird... a lot smoother and shinier. On the way, there was a little forest and we wander in it and find a white mask. T starts freaking out and crying "What the fuck!? Who finds a mask?! You NEVER find masks! It's a sign!". We grab the mask and my roomate puts it on and chases after us. It really creeped me out, but I'm still not feeling much other than a buzz. We keep walking and get to my bro's room. We put on Halcyon by Orbital and it's the most beautiful song I've ever heard. He has a plasma ball in his room and as I play with it I can feel the electricity go into my hands! As I stare into it I can see the electricity illuminate my veins and inside... it was cool. I was starting to feel more fucked, but it's still only been about an hour and a half. My bro rolls two joints and we head out into this court near his residence which looks like it's an old castle kinda because this university is real old. I'm still feeling fine, just a little "happy". I was disappointed that nothing much more was going to happen, but I still only had one toke off the joints because I wanted to feel JUST the shrooms to see what they are just like. The other three finished off the joints. I stare at this wall and the bricks start moving around and I think, "alright, now something's going to happen"... That is when I got hit by it all! I start thinking, I have to lie down and melt. I tell my friends this and lie on a bench staring at the sky. I saw all sorts of weird rainbow blocks in the sky with the clouds. I felt so incredible, like my body was expanding in all directions. I get up and look at my friends who are all now completely fucked because of the weed and they look like they have blue auras and their faces look like they are coloured in with yellow highliter. We start wandering around the campus and running around, feeling how awesome everything is! We keep walking over to this huge building that has 75 foot tall pillars like a Roman building and it looks really awesome. We keep walking and get a great view of the CN Tower. It looked so big that I couldn't believe it. I say to my friends "What if it WAS that big!?" and we all laugh. We look at this sundial and are amazed that someone could come up with that and the genius of it. Because of the weed, we feel hungry so decide to go to a 24 hour diner. Bad idea as I found out later. As we walk, I can't stop thinking about weird shit. At one point, I say "If you were in a black hole, you would see every angle of an object all at once..." We all laugh and comment on how awesome we feel. T says "listen guys... it's like this: EVERYTHING is... awesome." and we all burst out laughing because of the sheer simplicity of it. We finally get to the diner and it's so bright and crazy that we immediately think... "uh oh". We sit down and try to remain calm. Everyone but T who is really getting into it. The waiter comes around and we're all laughing. I do my best to order but whenever he speaks, I can't make out what he's saying, it was just babbling. We sit there and I'm freaking out. My roomate and bro look like they are giant puppets and I could "feel" that they were being controlled from under the table. T starts making a lotta noise and the couple beside our table are looking over and I start feeling this immense fear. I HAD to get out of there. But, we couldn't because I we had food coming and I had to pay for it. T gets up and goes to the jukebox and starts yelling over to our table that he NEEDS a dollar for the machine. I rush over and give it to him to shut him up and sit back down. My bro has his hands on his face and looks like he's crying. I tell him to stop because he's blowing our cover and he can't. T puts on "A Day In The Life" by the Beatles and yells out "This song is the trippiest song around!". Fuck, I think. We are done for. He sits back down and I get my nachos. The food look so weird, like an alien-meat. As the song builds in the middle, I freak out thinking that it will never end and that it'll keep getting louder until I die. Later on, a song by Aaliyah comes on the jukebox and I think it's a sign that we are dead. Then I REALLY freaked out. What if I am dead? I accepted it and keep eating, feeling better that I was OK with it. We finally finish and I NEED to get out quick. As we get our bill, T orders a coffee. I can't believe it. I felt trapped for life in here. I thought I would never leave. He eventually finishes and we hurry out. When we finally got back onto the street, it felt like I could finally breathe again. What a relief. My bro has to go back to his place so me and T walk back. I think about how bad the diner was and say "well, at least we survived it, and that's good". And I immediately felt better. Just saying that I felt good, made me feel good and I loved it. We finally made it back to my place and I felt that I needed to write down my idea about a blackhole. I wrote it down four times and would've kept doing it except I realized that that would have made me insane. I went to bed and could only think about weird images of worms and things, but I just tried to think about good things and eventually got to sleep. All in all, I had an incredible time. I just wish that it was more chilled out. Everything was so crazy and intense that the next day I felt SO drained. However, I suspect that this won't be the last time I do them.....

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