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Tom and Jerry

It was 420 weekend-(April 20th)-and I was visiting my father.

It was 420 weekend-(April 20th)-and I was visiting my father. I am used to just smoking weed. I had done other stuff, but this was going to be the first time that I had ever eaten shrooms. My step-brother had hockey, so I got to go chill with his friends all day and it was really knid-of scary. I had no clue to where anything was. I was lost before I even started.

The time cam and I ate about 8 grams of dried shrooms and washed down the bitter peanut like taste with green kool-aid. We left right after and drove out to the State reservation and were going to go cave exploring. About 45 minutes had past til when we got there and I still hadn't started really feeling it. I was just really relaxed when I got there and I couldn't stop laughing. I looked and all the trees were like blotched green, out of a painting. We climbed under the rocks and into the caves and the rest of the group were going to smoke some Herbals in the back of the cave, so I chilled with this one dude and had a cigarette. All of a sudden, the cave started dripping and I became very conserned about it collapsing onto all of use, so I left. I went outside and smoked another cigarette. A half an hour later a Forest Ranger came and kicked everyone out of the cave for smokin bud. We climbed above that same cave and hung our legs over the 100-foot drop. I closed my eyes and felt like I was floating. I had never been as relaxed as I was. I kept smoking cigarettes as we continued along. I kept hittin a little Buddah but I didn't really feel it until I hit a J filled with some snow. My neck went a little num and I was laughing like a little girl. Two hours later we went back to the same house that we were before. Thats when it got all wierd.

I went to take a use the bathroom and when I was done, I looked in the mirror and my head was floating around without the rest of my body. This kid came in and asked me if I was alright and told him that he needs to give me my body back. He left. I looked in the mirror and there I could see my body. I turned on the water and glue was coming out of the faucet, so I took of my shirts and started putting glue {water} all over my neck and shoulders. I went to pick up my shirt and there was a three foot tall mouse looking at me. It was Jerry. He said "whats the haps" I gave him pounds and Tom the Cat apperead in the shower smoking a cigarette. He made me mad though because he though he was a tough guy. He asked me if I wanted a smoke and I said sure. He gave me one and I smoked it. {witnesses later told me that I was doing the motion of smoking, but it there was nothing in my hand} All of a sudden two speakers appeared out of the corners of my eyes and started playing the cartoon melody. Ton, Jerry, and I started dancing. For I guess around 5 minutes. In the motion of dance, I turned around only to find all of my friends laughing. The music scratched out. I turned back to find Tom and Jerry gone, but his mouse hole was still there. Jerry appeared out and said "peace" and dipped away.

I told everyone that I needed to go home because I was straight wiggin out. I went to my dads house and right when I walked in he called me upstairs. His first question was why do you look so stoned and how much weed did you smoke. I told him that I smoked 2 blunts because if he ever found out about the shrooms he would of snapped. All of a sudden colors became very bright. I was talking to him and a team hockey picture was on the fridge and this one dudes head seemed to appear about the size of a baseball. The others were like dimes. That was really all that bid happened. I saw a grip of colors and I always felt relaxed, plus I was NEVER confused. Shrooming is fun if you do right. Now where you are and always go into the trip knowing that you will come out okay

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