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to whipe or not to.

I remember eating the mushrooms and then walking home with my boyfriend.

I remember eating the mushrooms and then walking home with my boyfriend. I got in the front door and sat down to watch what i thought was just going to be an interesting night of t.v, unexpectedly it turned into something much ...greater.

about 45 minutes after eating the shrooms i started getting the giggles and just figured "oh this is normal". Ten minutes later i was in such histerics over the fact that kids in the hall has more guy actors then women ones that rob had to take me upstairs. I remember lying on the bed and hearing the doorbell ring, except it sounded like a big gong. Upon hearing this rob left me. The mere fact that he left me alone made me cry and when he didn't come back for what seemed like 2 hours it made me cry harder.

To My surprise it was my dear friend jamie who came to save me and tell me that i was crying so hard everyone had to go sit in the basement. I then decided it was time to pee, i didn't know my way to the bathroom anymore and the old 50's style wallpaper was makeing me trip out to much to go alone so jamie walked me there. I did my buisness and came out and to my utter dismay i couldn't remember if i whiped.
This started a whole new version of me bawling.

I remember crying for about 10 minutes about if i had whiped myself or not.

After about an hour i decided to lie down and that is when the most unusual thing happened i saw something iam not sure what it was but the only words that came out of my mouth were "there goes that fucking fish again". Oddly enough i don't remember any fish.

Over the next half hour i blanked out about 6 times, in between my telling jamie about how being a nazi was a religion for some people and they need a preist (It's True!!)

The rest of the night is a blurr the only thing i remembered was my theory of the nazi priest and how people that don't go to church should be called church nazi's

over all the night was completley terifying the walls breathed i'll never know if i whiped and what happened to that fish????

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