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To the Gate and back.

allright before i get started let me just say.

allright before i get started let me just say...Ive tripped 3 times and my previous two were responsible and amazing trips. Then came the night I fucked up....

I had such an amazing awakening on shrooms the preivous two times that I was looking very foward to tripping with some friends. We decided to go over to a nearbye friends house and take them then walk the 2 blocks back to the house where we would have the rest of our trip..I took my 3.5ish grams of caps, along with 1000mg of vitamin C pills and drank a gallon of OJ along with my friends.(we heard that it intensifies the peak or duration so we tried it out) Then slipped The Doors on and sat back waiting for it to begin. It was prlly around 40mins later that we decided to walk back and at this point i hadnt really begun to trip intensely...as we walked I began tripping insanely...street lights seemed to be dripping light and my sight had started filter everything i saw w/ colors...however we were caught off guard when to parents were still awake ..and not wanting to confront them while tripping, we decided to jump in the pool..its only a 4ft pool (above ground) so we it didnt throw off any *Dont swim on shrooms* flags....needless to say when we jumped in it was heavenly...At this point i was peaking and the pool was a subconsious universe that i had tapped into...Beneath the water was a spiritual playground of distorted sound and vision...a Nebula ..it was as if I was floating through space to distant locations. I was traveling towards beams of light within the water and when i reached there it would be a sepearte universe. I saw ancient lands and images of creation and life that only one who's tripped can understand to a point. Well as I was bobbing up and down and splashing through time, I was sucked into my own mind again..As i was floating around in my own mind I was weightless drifting towards a distant light. As i slowly drifted the light grew closer and larger in brillance, the light it was blinding from afar but as i grew closer and closer the the light was simply a beautiful gold glowing brillance. As i contentrated hard to reach this beam of light I saw it was not just a cloud of light but a beautiful radiant Gate. Then at that exact moment a friend of mine bumped into me and it sent me racing away from this Light that and back into the pool where I was sitting at the bottom of the pool under the step ladder in such a way that i couldnt even float to the top for air...complelely submerged...and didnt even realize it...I then realized what the hell I was doing or wasent doing...such as breathing...another friend decided to get out of the pool at this time as well..I was freaked out pretty good and the next 4 or 5hrs of intesne OBE's and just complete mind games obsessed w/ death just wasent a great time..and I havent tripped in nearly 7months because of it.....even though im planning a trip soon....My advice...dont go swimming....dont put your body in a place it can die while our within your mind exploring the wisdom of life....and stay with a sober person who understands trips....Welcome to the FungusView

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