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to James ..

me RaInbow Brite and my best friend crystal aremajor pot heads.

me RaInbow Brite and my best friend crystal aremajor pot heads. Crystal went to her first rave and became friends with a nice boy named james. James was a drug dealer who gave crystal two grams of shooms for free. She wondered why he was so generous, it must have been the E, she thought. Seeing as crystal had never done shrooms before she decided to have it with rainbow brite. They didn't kno whta would happen. They phoned up their friend Joey and asked him what to do etc. They were ready and they put it in pasta so they wouldn't taste it as much. It tasted GROSS!
but they thought it's worth it. Nothing was happening and they became annoyed. All of a sudden they became really hot and the music on t.v became louder and everything was happy. The thought it was the apartment that was so hot so they went out side for air and they weren't able to walk straight. Rainbow BritE was tripping out badly she said the trees were to big and she thought she was becomming smaller by the second. When she spoke it was very loud almost like she couldn't hear what she was saying. Crystal was loving it and she was very happy and they both skipped down the street to a mall close by. The lights were amazing and it seemed like everyone walking by them was running. There eyes were wide open. Crystal was in happyland. She kept on saying how everyone is special in their own way and how everyone is so nice and we're all a big family etc. they needed to sit down, they were getting lazy.They felt like aliens on a strange planet. They met up with some friends who didn't notice anything. We're usually either on something or acting like ourselves which is very strange. They loved shrooms better than weed because they didn't get the munchies, they didn't get burnt out, their eyes didn't get red and they didn't smell. Noone could suspect anything and you trip out. It was an amazing experience all together. Rainbow brite and crystal would like to thank James, wherever you are.

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