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to hell and back

I went over to my friends house (we'll call him sauve) and he suprised me by telling me he had gotten some shrooms (i had never done them before but was definitly intrigued).

I went over to my friends house (we'll call him sauve) and he suprised me by telling me he had gotten some shrooms (i had never done them before but was definitly intrigued). So we sat outside and split about an eighth (i had about two big caps, one little cap and three stems, mind you this is my first time). So as we were waiting we decided to smoke some pot because he told me it would totally enhance the experiance. About twenty minutes later (yes it worked that fast) i started to feel really ill in a way that i never imagined. I yelled at sauve that we had to go inside so i could lie down and figure it out. I went into his living room and lay down on the sofa, figuring that of if i could close my eyes it would all go away! Well it didn't. My body became totally detached from my brain and i could feel every part of my brain working ( we had just gone into intense studies in psycology class about the brain so i could actually feel supposedly when things like the hippocampus and hypothalmus were working). If i raised my hand i could see it but it wasn't part of my body. Every time i closed my eyes i was flooded with millions of thoughts but they would only occur on the right side of my brain. I started crying and throwing chairs and screaming but nothing would make it stop. Finally suave turned on some televsion ( a cartoon) but the t.v. started coresponding with everything that suave said! When the charachter would get mad, suave's voice and the contents of what he was saying would get mad, and vice versa. Finally i couldn't take it anymore and i started punching myself in the head thinking maybe i could kill myself or pass out and then it would be over (sleep wasn't an option because every time i closed my eyes it would get worse). Well p.s. i have terrible bruises on my head today!!! I kept opening my eyes and finding myself in a different part of the room, but had no recollection of getting there. I finally started to settle down and accept my fate. I realized that as much as i wanted to call mom i knew she would kill me! So i lied there and had an epiphany, i was going to die, and there was nothing that i could do, and suave was to messed up to realize i was dying. So i tried to think logically, realizing that it had to be gone in a few hours, and that it must have already been at least three hours since i started tripping. So i asked suave for the time and it had only been fifteen minutes since i started tripping. I completly lost it then i started pucking because i wanted it all out of my system. After my stomach was empty, i felt worse than ever so suave told me to drink some water because it would flush out my system. I started drinking but would forget what i was doing, or not remeber how to hold the bottle, and would up soaking wet, and i mean SOAKING!! I was freezing and my lungs started hurting really badly, i felt like those people at the ned of titanic, in the ocean. So i wanted to take a shower but suave advised against it saying i'd definitly flip out! So i lay down in a chair and he covered me with blankets. Just about then my friend richard came over ( he had no substances in him and i had called him screaming i was going to die if he didn't come over) and i was so happy because i knew he could help me! He kept telling me that it was okay but i was seeing things like there were strobe lights on them so i had to keep closing my eyes. That's when it really kicked in. I started talking a mile a minute and felt like every moment kept on repeating itself (kinda like in groundhogs day). I began to morph into different people and i became my friend suave at one point and gwenyth paltrow at another. I kept asking for the time and i would always flip out when they told me, so they had to confiscate my watch. Then the levels started. Every time i blinked it was like reaching a new level of conscioucness but it seemed impossible that you would ever reach the level where you could control your body. This part whent on for about four hours. Finally, after my eight to ninth hour of tripping, i could control my body again! But let me tell you, a week has gone by, and i still don't feel right!

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